Stick Pool Club launches interactive poker to drive user engagement

Stick Pool Club has launched interactive poker to drive human interactions. After the successful launch of 3D Poker, it is the company’s second most revolutionary innovation in the arena of online gaming that offers real-time gaming experience of playing online poker. 

Integrating an interactive human feature is the first-ever concept launched in any online poker platforms in the country. It increases human interaction for intensive player engagement and enhanced gaming experience of talking to a human directly while they play on.  

Delighted about the launch, Stick Pool Club co-founder Vivek Singh said, “We are excited to launch India’s first-ever interactive poker. It is in complete sync with our aim to provide a comprehensive entertainment package to our valuable users by offering a platform boasted with distinctive features to interact and earn real cash using their strong gaming skills. Stick Pool has always been a forerunner in the segment of Live Poker. With pandemic induced lockdown and stay at home orders, we have seen a tremendous rise in our existing user base. We believe that integrating an interactive human feature to poker will spike the user engagement and strike a friendly banter just like offline poker.”

As part of the live interactive poker game, Stick Pool Club also provides a real-world experience of playing and conversing with real players online. The user-friendly game boasts several fascinating features including – real-world commentary, options to exchange playful mocking gifs with opponents, club room ambience, and personalised 3D avatars. 

Not only Live Poker, but Stick Pool Club has also come up with the concept of 3D in India. It provides a complete set of guidelines for the players with relevant Do’s and Don’ts to help them become a pro player and make real money while playing. Furthermore, it is equipped with advanced secured features, and a payment gateway to maintain high-security standards for the users.

For both 3D and Live Poker, users can invite their friends and family and play the game for real cash or virtual coins while sitting in their own space. The dynamics have received a huge number of users during the unprecedented times of pandemic lockdown and self-isolation that gave the opportunity to bring people closer.