VFX Singapore-based Skylightz Gaming to invest $150,000 in Indian esports talents by FY22 -

Singapore-based Skylightz Gaming to invest $150,000 in Indian esports talents by FY22

Skylightz Gaming, Singapore-based gaming and esports corporation, announces their plans for India. They aspire to enable colossal impact, and growth of any and all Indian esports talents by investing up to $150,000 by FY22. For starters, Skylightz Gaming has formalised an association with renowned esports player Harpreet Singh Janjuha (Ronak). Ronak will now represent the Indian Gaming Industry, as well as the gaming company’s impact in India, on a global level.

With their expansion in India, they intend to provide international exposure to budding esports talents country-wide. The capital invested by Skylightz Gaming will be used in equipping the players with updated devices, boot camps, and studios for post-production purposes and practices. Providing dedicated professionals such as coaches, analysts, and managers for each team, is what the organisation is committed to. Besides, they are looking forward to assimilating a team of energetic gaming professionals, who will be trained to compete in magnanimous world gaming tournaments. 

Alongside Ronak, the gaming company boasts of incredible BGMI professionals such as  Pukar, Galma Boy, and Saum Raj who are an equal part of the Skylightz Gaming family. The company has simultaneously been supporting multiple esports teams from Nepal and Indonesia. 

Speaking about his vision, approach and scope of work with the expansion in India, Skylightz Gaming CEO Andy Ng says, “We are thrilled to bring our international gaming efforts, and impact to India! We at Skylightz Gaming, believe that India, in the realm of gaming and esports, is a goldmine of talents and potential within the country – just waiting to be discovered! We are certain that Indian gaming talents will soon take the gaming industry to its next level. By virtue of accessibility, in terms of smartphones (gaming based), affordable internet, and most importantly a large number of young gamers, India has the strength to become a global gaming model in the coming times.”

He further adds, “We were keen on foraying into the Indian esports industry for a good while now. Mentoring at least a couple of Indian esports teams under the wings of Skylightz Gaming, has been on our wish list perennially. PUBG (now BGMI) unfortunately came under the radar legally, within the subcontinent then. However, it has made a super-impressive comeback this year! I am hoping to witness the same energy & enthusiasm among Indian gamers. Our role (if you may ask) – is to bring strategic alliances, and investment – via which we will be catalyzing the Indian esports community upwards. We, as a passionate gaming brand, will strive to provide guidance, international exposure, and acclamation to Indian esports athletes.”

The organisation acquired the aforementioned Indian esports team, in the last couple of months, upon researching, garnering insights, and further analyzing certain prudent factors that keep the Indian gaming community on its feet. They have judiciously planned and strategized the BGMI roster with a fair mix of young gaming enthusiasts and seasoned gamers. BGMI star-player Ronak, is the highlight of this lineup – for he, along with his talented team has bagged three major titles – PMIS 2019, PMCO Spring 2019, and PMAS 2020, in mere two years! 

Excited to represent India, globally,  Skylightz Gaming Strategic Partner – India Kuldeep Lather shares, “Indian esports and online gaming market is seeing exponential growth since the last year and Skyligthtz Gaming’s investment in Indian esports players has come in at the right time. With investment in continuous upskilling and accessibility to quality products, the roots of  Indian esports will only get stronger and better. I am excited to partner with Skylightz Gaming in helping the organisation find the right talents from India, and grow together.”