‘Roblox’ players can secure unique in-game items through prime gaming

Twitch Prime presently known as Prime Gaming-gives away loads of free games and in-game loot to Amazon Prime members. For the next eight months, Roblox players can secure unique in-game items to customise their characters.Beginning this month, Roblox is offering players one free exclusive in-game item per month through Amazon Prime Gaming.

Once a player enter the promotional code on Prime Gaming’s Roblox page a player will avail the in game items.A new Roblox accessory will be featured each month through March 2021.Players can pick up one free cosmetic item each month, now through March of next year. The inaugural in-game item for this month is the Banandolier accessory, which is of course an incredibly useful bandolier for holding multiple bananas at once. Prime Gaming is included with Amazon Prime, which costs $12.99 per month.

Roblox has only become more popular since its initial launch in 2006; earlier this year it was valued at $4 billion. Roblox’s unique position as both game and creation tool has drawn a lot of players in the nearly 15 years it’s been around. Last year, developer Roblox Corporation announced that Roblox had surpassed 100 million active players, a number which grew 50 percent just in 2020, with Roblox now exceeding 150 million active players every month.

Roblox joins an already impressive list of popular games that have free in-game loot via Prime Gaming. In August, subscribers can get items for Apex Legends, Grand Theft Auto Online, Destiny 2, Doom Eternal, and more. There’s even an item bundle available for Ubisoft’s new battle royale Hyper Scape, which just kicked off its first season.

On the games front, Amazon Prime members can grab a whopping 23 free games right now. Normally, there are only a handful of monthly freebies, but lately there have been numerous bonus games added to the program as well as a large lineup of classic SNK games that are free until the end of the year.