Riot games will giveaway free in-game Valorant items for Prime Gaming members

Riot Games has made an official announcement stating that they’re partnering up with Prime Gaming. According to the partnership, they’ll launch an exclusive set of in-game items for Valorant which can only be claimed by Amazon Prime members for free.

According to their official blog post , “We’re teaming up with Prime Gaming to provide in-game items like Gun Buddies, Sprays, and more to players for free. This loot will be available to anyone with an active Amazon Prime membership. We’re kicking things off next week on September 16 with the Netter Treter Gun Buddy, straight from the collection of our resident sneakerhead, Killjoy.”

How to sign up and what to expect

Once you have a Twitch Prime account, you will need to link your Valorant Account with your Amazon account to claim the items. You can find the loot offers in the top right corner of the browser page and app. The icon will look like a three-point crown. When you click on it, it will display all the current offers.

Valorant’s first exclusive item will be the Netter Treter Gun Buddy. Gun Buddies are cosmetic items that players can attach to their guns to spruce them up. The Gun Buddy will be available on September 16. There will likely be more Gun Buddies, sprays, and perhaps even gun skins in the future.

Further, they have shared that in the coming months, they’ll drop brand-new loot for their kit. Prime Gaming will launch the items exclusively, which means players won’t be able to pick them up elsewhere anytime soon. Also, once a new month starts, a player won’t be able to access the previous month’s loot. Check-in every month to make sure you don’t miss any drops.