Playing ‘Crazy Time’ by Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time is one of the new live online game shows built on the same concept as the Dream Catcher money wheel. The fun never stops in the game as it reaches a lot of crazy bonus modes and other elements to help you enjoy the game.

This game offers a one of a kind player experience that no player would ever want to pass up. It has multipliers that are set around 25,000x as the fun hits a new high. 

The game also uses RNG (random number generator) tech that looks more advanced than any of its kind. It even has the chance to give players a chance to win various multipliers in two out of the four bonus games.

Learning how to play Crazy Time has its perks, and it offers a lot of fun to players who will give an effort to know the best way to win. This is one of the games that can be a great chance for punters to enjoy their sessions in the long run.

Fun is present all around in this game. There is no way that you would not enjoy this one since you can easily win in this one to begin with. That should pull in more players to try out their luck and win a lot of prizes.

The game is set in a large, colourful and entertaining studio that includes a money wheel. To make it more fun, the money wheel has a top slot to go along with four bonus games – Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time.

It is easy to play as players just need to place their bets on numbers. 

Thriving in the main game round in Crazy Time

In the main game, the top slot spins with the main money wheel to start every game round. The top slot can generate one random multiplier for every random pocket – which is either a number or a bonus game, so this assures that there is a big chance of winning in the game.

If the multiplier and the bet spot align in the top slot, then it is a match and a multiplier will be added. This can either lead to a number or another multiplier in a bonus game that depends on the main wheel. Players can keep a keen eye on the bonus games but only players who have placed a wager on the pocket that is picked can join and win.

Winning in the bonus games in Crazy Time  

Cash Hunt is a shooting gallery that has a large screen with 108 multipliers at random. The multipliers are also covered by random symbols which are then shuffled before the player can place their aim when the shutdown timer starts. The player can also pick a target that they think the largest multiplier is hiding.

The flip of a coin will choose which multiplier will be won, it is simple as that. A coin with a blue and a red side is flipped and the side that will face up when the coin lands wins. Before the coin is flipped, two multipliers will be up and running – but only one will apply for each side. 

The Pachinko bonus game has a large pachinko wall that has a lot of physical pegs. While there are players who are busy learning how to play Crazy Time, knowing how the bonus games work is a must, especially this one. The game presenter will drop a puck and the players will need to win the multiplier where the puck lands.

If it lands on a ‘double’ value, then all the multipliers will be doubled and the puck will have to be dropped again. The puck can be dropped over and over again until the multipliers reach the max value of 10,000x multiplier.