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Online cricket betting apps for Android in India 2022

Cricket is a baseball game in which two teams compete against each other. The athletes must demonstrate their skills in hitting, catching, and running. In the game, only the team that is eligible to bat can score points. Points are scored when the player with the bat reaches the line on the opposite side of the field.

The opposing team tries to prevent this with players scattered all over the field. As in American baseball, the action focuses on the bout between the pitcher and the player with the bat. If the ball goes out of bounds, the player with the bat can run to the end of the field and score a point without difficulty.

There are many cricket betting apps for android, but how to choose the best one? Let’s take a look at some of them. 

Here’s How Cricket is Played

Cricket in its early days was also called Thorball and is an exciting game of volleyball. At first glance, the traditional game resembles American baseball.

Cricket is played as a summer sport in many countries, including India, and in some countries it is even the national sport.

The game of cricket is played on an oval shaped field. There are a total of two players on the field for the attacking team and 11 players on the defensive team. Sticks stand at opposite ends of a narrow strip in the center of the field.

The opposing team’s thrower faces the currently active bat. The thrower must hit the target (called the wicket) behind the bat. If the pitcher scores, the player with the bat is out and replaced by the next player with the bat. If the player with the bat hits the ball and it does not come out, teammates must either catch the ball straight out of the air or return it to center field. Throws in cricket are called overs.

If the ball first touches the ground and then leaves the field beyond the perimeter, the racket gets 4 runs. In cricket, only the rebounding team can score points. Defenders must prevent this by eliminating individual goons.

So the gameplay of cricket definitely resembles baseball and there are some common terms. Unlike American baseball, a cricket ball must touch the ground at least once before it reaches the player with the bat. A cricket match lasts 2 or 4 innings. The end of an inning comes when 10 players from the batting side are out of the game. As you can see, the rules and gameplay of cricket are not difficult to understand or learn. Both reasons why cricket betting is so popular.

Cricket Betting Strategies

Like in many other sports, weather plays an important role in cricket. The sport can hardly be played in the rain, and it can affect the decision in pre-match and real-time betting.

If games must be interrupted due to rain or even cancelled completely due to heavy downpour, the “Duckworth-Lewis Method” comes into play. This is a mathematical formula used to calculate teams’ scores in the event of a game being cancelled. This method was adopted by the International Cricket Council in 1998 as the standard method for calculating winners and losers in cricket matches.

One of the most important cricket betting apps tips also applies to most other sports. If you want to make profitable bets on sports, you should compare the different odds of the betting shops. A small difference in betting odds can make a big difference in winning.

Betting on home underdogs

As with many other sports betting, betting on underdogs who get the favorite at home has proven to be very lucrative. Home field advantage can sometimes be exploited by teams that would otherwise have no chance of beating a favorite. Encouraged by their own fans, teams can sometimes achieve very good results.

Betting on home team wins or draws

These bets are based on very precise analysis, which is partly due to the drastic and obvious differences in game performance. Not only do you have to choose known and clear favorites for this bet, but they also offer bets, not necessarily betting on the outright outsider. An important point in these bets are the odds, which sometimes range from 1.60 to 2.50.

Weather Betting

When it comes to cricket, the weather plays a crucial role. If the game has to be interrupted or even cancelled, special rules come into play in cricket. Although weather forecasts can be used on these worlds, they should be classified as high-risk properties.

Details about the best betting odds on cricket

Here are some of the best cricket betting apps for Android:


Behind the Rabona betting apps cricket company is the Tranello Group, which has been active in sports betting on various platforms for many years.

Thanks to its years of experience, this betting provider features both an interesting Rabona bonus and a generous and thoughtful system in the field of real-time betting .

The Rabona cricket betting apps in india offer makes a great impression. To begin with, this bookmaker allows you to bet on events and games in more than 30 different sports . Of course, Rabona offers bets on the most popular sports such as cricket, basketball, tennis and hockey . But you can also count on a whole range of not so common sports such as mini soccer, basketball and darts at this bookmaker’s office. In addition, Rabona bookmaker is now getting more and more bets on the fast-growing field of cybersports.

Rabona Sportwetten was also able to convince the support , which can be contacted by phone, chat or email . The choice of payment methods is good and, in addition to numerous classic payment methods, even allows the use of some cryptocurrencies . Rabona sports betting has a very intuitive design in both the desktop version and in the mobile area, where you can access the perfectly implemented web app without additional downloads . All in all, an absolutely convincing Rabona sports betting operation, where security and seriousness are guaranteed!


1xBet is an international india cricket betting apps company and online owner with more than 400,000 users from around the world. 1xBet has gone a long way of development to now delight its customers with the best products and pleasant bonuses, and has become one of the most famous bookmakers in the world.

As a progressive and reputable company, 1xBet offers its users many ways to save their money and play and bet on cricket and other sports as wisely as possible. That’s why the 1xBet app for Android has a special promotions menu. There you will find many bonuses, from cashback to promo codes.

If you’re not sure if you can download 1xBet apk, check out the attractive 1xBet app welcome bonus. You can get 100 per cent cashback after your first bet up to 10,000 rupees. Bonuses, on the other hand, are not going away anytime soon. By downloading 1xBet apk 2021, you can touch the wide world of 1xBet’s lucrative offers. Bet wisely and win money!

20 Bet 

20Bet is a newcomer to the gambling market, which has already established itself as a versatile and legitimate online cricket betting apps platform. It is operated by a reputable company and is licensed accordingly. In addition to betting on various sports, it offers hundreds of casino games.

Unfortunately, 20Bet is very modest about its loyalty program. Because there is no motivation for loyal customers in the form of, for example, a reload bonus . There is also no innovative points system with a store or similar playful elements.

The only feature worth mentioning during my experience with 20Bet was the so-called predictions. You can bet on a choice of 10 games every day. However, you have to be an active player and have deposited at least 20 euros in the last 5 days.


You can use Parimatch, a modern sports best cricket betting apps site with a unique design and features where you can bet on all sports. You can make quick deposits and withdrawals via UPI.

Parimatch is one of the few betting shops that offers its customers free live sports broadcasts. This is a great advantage for those players who like to watch and bet on sporting events.

Today, Parimatch Live is limited to soccer matches from around the world. But cricket and horse racing are expected to be broadcast soon.

After making a deposit at Parimatch, you can get a very generous welcome bonus – you can get up to Rs 12,000 in bonus money! This is the first deposit bonus at Parimatch, and it means that you have to make a deposit before you get this bonus.

Do you want to bet on virtual sports? We recommend you to play at Parimatch! No other bookmaker offers more virtual sports betting opportunities than Parimatch. So if you like virtual sports betting, Parimatch is for you.

Betting on Cricket – Features

One of the most distinctive features of cricket is undoubtedly the duration of the game. An exciting match can sometimes last five days. Even though England has developed an option where games can end after only 3 hours, the game still offers twice as much time to place bets as soccer. For this reason, cricket is particularly suitable for live betting.

Cricket allows you to place bets with peace of mind when game conditions change. In fact, the game mainly focuses on when the bat and the thrower meet. In between, the game occasionally offers breaks that can be used to place real-time bets.

Why is cricket betting so popular?

Cricket may seem like a complicated sport to some sports fans at first, but the rules are easy to learn and understand. Cricket is the number one national sport in some of the world’s most populous countries for a reason. The traditional game of batting causes a lot of fascination, and so it is not surprising that cricket betting is very popular among many players. Because of its growing popularity, there are more and more bookmakers betting on cricket.

Even with many famous and world renowned bookmakers, you now have a choice of several cricket betting. In addition to a large selection of different types of bets, you can bet on different events and tournaments with a cricket betting provider. In addition, cricket betting convinces with above-average odds. If you are right with your tip, you can make a relatively high profit.

Once you understand the rules and gameplay of cricket, you can directly look for suitable cricket bets with high odds at your preferred betting site. With almost every cricket betting provider, you can learn more about the games and sports and get valuable information for free. The more you engage in cricket betting, the better your chances of winning. Cricket betting is not as popular and in demand as soccer betting, but that does not make it any less profitable.

Indian bookmakers are constantly expanding the range of India cricket betting apps, in which you can bet not only on the winner, but also on the loser.