‘Nullwhere Ooblets’ gets the Halloween update

The new Nullwhere Ooblets update gets the adorable creature-raising farm sim into the Halloween spirit, and it’s out now. 

Nullwhere was originally teased last month, with developer Glumberland calling it the first big content update, complete with a new region, more characters, and added story content. With the update now available, the studio has given a more detailed breakdown of everything in Nullwhere, and whoo boy, it’s a lot. 

“We put in a load of work on this update to bring you a whole new region with its own storyline, characters, ooblets, crops, and craftables. We focused mainly on new content with 0.4 so there aren’t a whole lot of bug fixes in this update, but we will be getting everything we can over time. There’s still a lot more to do to get us to 1.0 so we’re excited to jump into what’s next,” said the official blogpost.

As a game that mixes elements of Pokémon and Animal Crossing with a heaping helping of whimsy, Ooblets’ spooky update looks, characteristically, more treat than trick. The update was announced earlier this week to celebrate the changing of the seasons and will introduce, among other things, an eerie new region called Nullwhere when it goes live.

Ooblets was released into Early Access back in July, which allowed players to experience a small chunk of the game while the developer got the benefit of seeing what needed tweaking before the official release. The flood of new players eager to explore the game’s colorful world with their dancing Ooblet companions certainly tested the game. Almost immediately following the early launch, the Ooblets team recognized that a large variety of clothing options had gotten stuck behind a bug and were not available for players. Though this was not a grievous blunder, the idea of self-expression is a central theme in Ooblets and the patch to fix the problem was well received. Glumberland also quickly created a much-needed update with the ability to free duplicate Ooblets, since fans were catching the small creatures in such large amounts that some places in the game were getting noticeably bogged down.

Here’s what’s new in the 0.4 Nullwhere Update:

  • 75+ new lines of dialogue for townfolk (go talk to them!)
  • New visitable region: Nullwhere
  • Three new crops: Dregplant, Freep, and Hyperglob
  • Nine new NPCs (not Badgetownsfolk though)
  • Nullwhere storyline with over 110 lines of dialogue
  • Uncommon and gleamy variations of Nullwhere ooblets now available to grow (and all Nullwhere native ooblets can now be found in-world)
  • New ooblet types: Namnam & Lickzer
  • New resource: Gembers
  • Four new craftables: Gloombuns, Roast Dregs, Glob Blobs, Bread Sammy
  • 12 new item descriptions
  • 24 new ooblet moves
  • Potions

There were a few things they had planned that didn’t quite make it into this release but are likely going to be coming soonish:

  • New clubhouse quests (done but not tested)
  • Figurine reprinter
  • Cases for all available ooblet figurines
  • Widescreen support (done but not tested)