Nintendo to discontinue ‘Dr Mario World’

Completing two years on mobile devices, Nintendo has announcd that Dr. Mario World will be coming to an end. The news surfaced via the game’s official Twitter account, and it appears that Dr. Mario World will not be be playable effective 1 November at 6 am UTC.

Once the game is removed, Nintendo will offer a Dr. Mario World Memories webpage, where players will be able to view their play history.

Though unfortunate, the game’s end is not a shock for many. While Dr. Mario World seemed like a cut out for the mobile phones, the game was having a difficult time finding success. The world of game development is indeed riddles with uncertainties and even the ones that look promising get sorted out.

Dr. Mario World¬†will long be remembered for the mobile game’s cast of characters. Unlike previous Dr. Mario games, this one brought in a very large group from the Mushroom Kingdom, adding “doctor” variations¬†of the characters like Dr. Baby Wario, Dr. Goomba Tower, and Dr. Petey Piranha.

Players will still have a few months to play Dr. Mario World before Nintendo removes its life support.