Newgen Gaming reveals its esports brand – Penta Esports

NewGen Gaming launched their esports brand Penta Esports today with a logo reveal video.

The video says: “Leagues redefined. Community reinforced. Content revisualised. Platform  reimagined. Experiences redesigned. Welcome to the gamers revolution. Penta Esports.” Since the esports organisation aiming to tap on the five elements it has been titled as Penta Esports. With its catchy neon yellow color logo, the video definitely builds up the excitement for this new venture.

 As per their official facebook page here is the video:

In conversation with AnimationXpress, Newgen Gaming co-founder and CEO Anurag Khurana said, “Today, with the launch of Newgen Gaming’s esports brand, Penta Esports, we have taken our first step towards bringing some amazing stuff for the Indian esports ecosystem. We hope to be a one stop destination for all things esports in the country.”

Newgen Gaming co-founder and head of esports Kiran Noojibail shared, “We’ve been working behind the scenes for quite some time now. The launch of Penta Esports is just the beginning. We have a bunch of exciting plans to reveal, which I believe is going to bring more value to the Indian esports ecosystem.”

On Penta Esports’ about section, it is written that the company has a 360 degree approach towards the esports ecosystem of India. It’s an all-in-one destination for esports in the country, including leagues, tournaments, content and more.

Earlier gaming esports veteran Khurana had shared with AnimationXpress that Newgen Gaming is by gamers and for gamers. “No matter if you are casual, hardcore or pro gamer – we plan to bring esports to the masses, starting from the grass root levels, all the way to the top. With this initiative, we plan to further the esports ecosystem of India by creating opportunities for players of all skill levels and bringing in engaging content around it,” he stated.

Previously, Noojibail had shared that Newgen Gaming will introduce “varied offerings to different tiers of gamers across the country, irrespective of geographies.” Seems like there will be clusters of segments for every sort of player and the community. With the aim to democratise the esports ecosystem in India, Noojibail will be handling the organisation’s tournament and broadcast part.

He also shared that there are a plethora of opportunities in the esports industry as they have experienced industry individuals in a team and they feel confident and excited for the challenges that lie ahead and also aim to work alongside with other existing esports brands to help the ecosystem grow further.

Penta Esports is yet to share what is their plan for future tournaments. We will know in time what Newgen Gaming’s Penta Esports has in store. Stay tuned!