MGL ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ tournament wraps up with Team IND as champions

Microgravity Gaming League Call of Duty: Mobile Tournament Showdown concluded and has awarded the top three winners with cash prizes and the latest gaming accessories sponsored by HP. The first position was won by Team IND along with the title of MGL’s Call of Duty: Mobile champion. The second and the third place were bagged by teams who call themselves Fenrir x Alpha and Shots respectively. The co-sponsors of MGL, HP India also awarded the Man of the Match title which includes an HP Reverb VR Headset to Team IND’s player – Sly^.

MGL’s ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ was a nation-wide tournament. The league unfolded in three stages – the Qualifying Round, the Battle Phase, and the Grand Finale. After the outstanding success of the first edition of the Microgravity Gaming League – Free Fire tournament held between August and September 2020, Microgravity Ventures has now successfully hosted and completed MPL – ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ tournament.

The battle arena got heated with 256 teams entering into competition with each other. The excitement and fun kept building through the tournament as the games reached the finale. The final match was fought between team IND and Fenrir x Alpha whereas team Shots and Indian risers fought for the third place. The final match was played in the best of three formats. The first match-up was won by Team IND; the second match-up saw Fenrir x Alpha make a great comeback; and the third match-up won by Team IND. The Man of the Match title was awarded to team IND’s Sly^ after a total of 29 kills in the match.

Excited with their roaring success, Team IND said, “The whole tourney was great, the management was really good. Many underdog teams got a chance to compete and showcase their skills. The matches didn’t take much of our time as they were best of one’s. Competing in such a great event really brings out the adrenaline in you. It was a very well-organised event and that too completing these many matches in only one day.”

Congratulating the winners of the MGL – Call of Duty: Mobile tournament,  HP India’s Wilton Suresh Pangoria says, “We are very happy to enter into this relationship with Microgravity Ventures, who aim to propagate e-sports and promote world-class gaming with state-of-the-art technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality in India. We would love to be associated with the Microgravity Gaming League in the future for their upcoming tournaments and intend to make esports bigger and better along with Microgravity Ventures.”

Thanking all the gamers who registered and participated in the MGL – Call of Duty: Mobile tournament, Microgravity Ventures head of operations Devendra Singh says, “Microgravity Gaming League came back and as promised it was more aggressive, competitive, and more fun than before. Undoubtedly, it is a fete to achieve – one day, three phases, and 256 teams. I congratulate all the winners and thank all the participating teams, while extending my gratitude to HP India for powering MGL’s Call of Duty: Mobile tournament. We aim to continue promoting e-sports in a big way through the Microgravity Gaming League.”