‘Ludo King’ crosses 500 million downloads worldwide

Gametion Technologies’  mobile game Ludo King has crossed a total of 500 million downloads worldwide, making it the most popular Indian gaming app to embark in the big league of mobile gaming. 

  1. Ludo King ranked as the number one downloaded game on App Store India in 2020.
  2.  Ludo King has been consistently topping Google Play store since 2018. 

Furthermore, Ludo King saw its Daily Average Users (DAUs) increase from 15 million to 32 million daily, while its Monthly Average Users (MAUs) rose from 110 to 142 million over the last nine months. An average user spends about 32 mins a day over two to three sessions.  

Gametion Technologies founder and creator of Ludo King Vikash Jaiswal said, “We are thrilled and excited that Ludo King is receiving global acclaim and recognition. In 2020, Ludo King helped bond and connect users with family and friends. In 2021 we will connect more families worldwide with our new app features and gameplay. “ 

Ludo King is played in 30 countries and available in 14 languages. The most preferred modes in the game are Play Online and Play with Friends. Ludo King has garnered user attention and interest with its new features and gaming themes. During the lockdown, 320 million people turned to Ludo King to spend time with family and connect with friends and strangers globally.  During this time they have introduced new features like Voice chat and Mask Mode that contributed in crossing the milestone.