VFX Level Up announces India launch of ' GunZ-The Duel' -

Level Up announces India launch of ‘ GunZ-The Duel’

nullLevel Up Network India Pvt. Ltd., India’s first publisher of massively multiplayer online games, has announced the India launch of ‘ GunZ-The Duel’, an exciting action packed online game, which gives gamers the ability to perform gravity defying Matrix-esque stunts while fighting with opponents, using various types of weapons such as guns, long swords, kodachi, grenades, and accessories.

According to a release, “The Uniqueness of this game is the ability it gives to gamers, to perform exciting stunts such as horizontal & vertical wall running, sword slashing, dodging bullets, array of flips, tumble, dash, etc”

On the launch of Level Up’s second game Venkat Mallik, Managing Director, Level Up Network India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Most individuals nurse a secret dream of doing heroic stunts, like they see in the movies. ‘GunZ-The Duel’ will enable them to live and realize their dreams & fantasies. Not merely an ordinary shooting game, GunZ allows players to do heroic gravity defying stunts in the virtual world and create their own fashion style, while fighting with opponents, online real-time.”

He added, “GunZ-The Duel besides being a breath taking 3D action game, also embodies elements of role playing, strategy and multiplayer games. It is the ultimate gaming experience.”

GunZ-The Duel has an exceptional variety of online action like the ones seen in movies. Ranging from dashing, wall jumps, tumbling, hanging from the walls, multi-step jumps on the walls to the combinations of actions using swords or guns, there are plenty of actions available. An individual would not only get sense of “SHOOTING” but also the feeling of “MOVEMENT”. The battle unfolds not only on the ground but also on the walls, columns and statues. GunZ-The Duel offers a variety of virtual items that one can buy with ‘Bounty’, the in-game currency (points that players collect), ranging from weapons, clothes and accessories.

On the customization of the game Venkat Mallik, Managing Director, Level Up Network India Pvt. Ltd. states that “As an action game with a touch of a role playing and strategy, GunZ introduces highly customizable avatars where a player can buy clothes and items from the virtual shop within the game to adapt their avatars to their personality with the virtual currency – ‘bounty’.”

The world of GunZ-The Duel opens new vistas to the players which are the match server, clan server and the quest server. The match server is where the players can practice and meet other players, while the clan server is the place to battle against other’s clans to fight out their differences. The quest server is where the players can take part in quests to find valuable items and to level up their characters.