Learning social and ethical decision-making skills through games is the way forward: says ‘Fairside Stories’ creator

In medical science humans learn what they experience, be it good or bad. As the pandemic took a toll on everyone’s lives, children were the one who suffered the most. At the age of learning, exploring, and experiencing the world, they had to stay at home isolated with hardly any social interactions. Because of this many parents shared that many kids might find difficulty to make decisions beyond the comfort zone. 

That is where learning social and ethical decision-making skills through games became handy. Thus when the entire world went online, to break the monotony of traditional learning as well as  making learning fun for kids, institutes adapted the gamified learning approach. According to AIGF report Online Gaming is a Life Skill, one in seven respondents (13 per cent) believe that online gaming can teach individuals some important skills and improve their cognitive ability.

One such game is Bigfatphoenix Interactive’s (BFP) Fairside Stories, an app where kids can develop their social and ethical decision-making skills in a safe environment by playing role-playing and adventure games that present them with challenging and thoughtful choices. 

Bigfatphoenix Interactive co-founder Anand Ramachandran says, “We strongly believe that videogames are the perfect medium where kids can actually develop important life skills, and grow into happier, healthier, and more responsible adults.”

The app is currently available on Play Store and will be available on iOS devices as well from March 2022.

Fairside Stories is where kids can have adventures, save the day, and be a hero – all while developing skills that will benefit them throughout life. With a selection of learning games, kids can be seen working through dilemmas that challenge their growing minds and help them develop critical social and emotional learning skills in the process. 

“Our games have kids making interesting decisions where there are no simple, black-and-white answers. By having kids consider value-based dilemmas such as ‘Truth vs Kindness’ or ‘Good for Me vs Good for Others’ in gameplay, we aim to deliver a thought-provoking experience where kids can actually learn about the consequences of their decisions, and relate them to real-world situations. Our games draw from themes that are both familiar (become class president, get people to come to your birthday party) and larger-than-life (negotiate with aliens) so kids have a wide variety of experiences to learn from,” he further explains.

The games are 100 per cent ad-free and BFP is working towards becoming COPPA, FERPA, and GDPR compliant. 

Currently, on the Google Play Store app we can see that there have been 10K+ installs.

Here are the few testimonials from the users: