British Animation Awards 2022 announces the finalists

British Animation Awards 2022 announced the names of the finalists. The award ceremony will be held on 10 March in London at the BFI Southbank (NFT1). The organisers are working with friends and partner organisations to encourage people to get together in Stirling, Manchester, Cardiff and Bristol to view the London event.

Comedian Miles Jupp will be the presenter for the ceremony. 

Each of the 2022 BAA winners will receive an original artwork produced by some of the finest artists and animators working in the creative industries. 

The finalists are as follows:

Best Design

Ron’s Gone Wrong- Aurélien Predal, Nathan Crowley, Till Nowak

Jingle Jangle – A Christmas Journey- Ian Spendloff

Raised by Wolves- Steve Small

Circle Square – Junglehouse- Greg McLeod

Best Children’s Pre-School Series:

Hey Duggee-Grant Orchard, Sander Jones

The Adventures of Paddington- Jez Hall, Chris Drew

Circle Square-Greg Mcleod

Milo- Chris Capstick

Pip and Posy- Jeroen Jaspaert and Matt Tea

Best Children’s Series

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates- George Sawyer

Milo- Chris Capstick

Hilda,The Deerfox- Andy Coyle

Best Short Film

FlattenTheCurve#1- Studio Desk, Kathrin Steinbacher, Emily Downe

Meow or Never- Neeraja Raj

Save Ralph- Spencer Susser

Black Slide– Uri Lotan

Affairs of the Art- Joanna Quinn

Best Longform

Sesame Street’s ,The Monster At The End of the Story- Mark Taylor

Ron’s Gone Wrong- Jean- Philippe Vine, Sarah Smith, Octavio E Rodriguez

Shaun the Sheep ,The Flight Before Christmas- Steve Cox

Best Animation In Commercial

The Girl Who Built a Rocket- Neeraja Raj

Airwick,Breath of Nature- Peter Szewczyk

Save Ralph- Spencer Susser

Moto GP Returns- Anton Alfimenko

Writers Award

Myles McLeod for Circle Square,Pizza Mystery– Greg McLeod

Les Mills for Affairs of the Art- Joanna Quinn

Peter Baynham and Sarah Smith for Ron’s Gone Wrong- Jean- Philippe Vine, Sarah Smith, Octavio E Rodriguez

Madeleine Brettingham for The Rubbish World of Dave Spud,Twinfestation- Edward Foster

Mark Burton and Giles Pilbrow for Shaun the Sheep-The Flight Before Christmas- Steve Cox

Cutting Edge Award: (new to 2022 BAAs)

Save Ralph – Spencer Susser

Sub-Surface – Alex Robinson

Dead Pixels S2 – Jamie Jay Johnson, Asa Movshovitz

Wildcard Award: (new to 2022 BAAs)

Timeline – Osbert Parker

Boris Johnson Eats A Pot Noodle In The Bath – Ross Butter

Strange – Cameron Carr

Squib – When All of This is Over – Baz Sells

Hench Girl Summer – Beatriz Antunes

Best Post Graduate Film

O Black Hole!- Renee Zhan

Other Half- Lina Kalcheva

Eating In The Dark- Inari Sirola

Best Under-Graduate Film

To be a Goat- Milda Kargaudaite

True Colours- Hanna Lea Wyttenbach

Case closed- Lucy Gatenby

@Scroll Alice- Céline Ufenast

Suburb- Miles Jezuita

Best Original Music

Sol- Gráinne Mc Guinness

I Am Odd- Benjamin Giroux, Mike Connaris

Robin Robin- Dan Ojari, Mikey Please

Edgar’s Christmas- Mike MacLennan

Love Monster – Super Sound Day- Theme music: Jeremy Warmsley, Score Composed by: Esther Joy Lane, Score Composed by: Hannah Charman

Best Immersive Animation

Peace of Mind-Ben Steer

The Beast-Grant Berry, Dane Winn

Madrid Noir-James A Castillo

Social Good

Typically-Anna Ginsburg, Caitlin McCarthy

Diabetes Symptoms-Angie Phillips, Phoebe Halstead

Up River,a Shadventure on the River Severn- Tom Stubbs

You Being You-Kong Studio

Sinking Feeling-Mark Spokes

Best Voice Performance

Save Ralph-Taika Waititi, Ricky Gervais- Spencer Susser

Affairs of the Art -Menna Trussler-Joanna Quinn

The Adventures of Paddington-Ben Whishaw- Jez Hall, Chris Drew

Hilda-Bella Ramsay- Andy Coyle

Moominvalley-Bel Powley- Steve Box

Best Use of Sound

Elliot from Earth-Wednesday pt2- Mic Graves, Tony Hull, Rhys Byfield, Mikey Please

Hilda-The Deerfox- Andy Coyle

The Rubbish World of Dave Spud-Burning Wheels- Ed Foster

Zog and the Flying Doctors- Adrian Rhodes

Pip And Posy-Swapsies- Jason Heath

Best Music Video

Rocket Freudental-Der Stuhlkreis- Ged Haney

Mama Jerk and the Ladyfinger-Mountain- Harrison Fleming

Foo Fighters-Chasing Birds- Emlyn Davies, Josh Hicks

Christy Moore-The Voyage- Jessica Patterson

Jamie Cullum-Age of Anxiety- Neil Pymer