PIXELYNX partners with HiberWorld to extend its global platform accessibility

PIXELYNX and Hiber announced that the companies will integrate Hiber’s proprietary metaverse platform, HiberWorld, into the PIXELYNX ecosystem, furthering both companies’ joint mission to provide fans with maximum accessibility and true interoperability. As part of the partnership NFTs purchased from the PIXELYNX platform will gain additional utility within the HiberWorld ecosystem.

Under the new partnership, the PIXELYNX and Hiber development teams aim to integrate HiberWorld’s web-first no-code technology, which is universally accessible through mobile devices and web browsers. HiberWorld’s proprietary and highly immersive 3D engine removes the barriers to entry by allowing fans and gamers instant access on their preferred devices to create, play and participate in the Metaverse. HiberWorld currently supports millions of interconnected virtual worlds and is incorporating the latest Web3 technology to support digital ownership and future interoperability. This partnership will provide PIXELYNX with a new portal to reach a global audience and provide its audience frictionless access.

PIXELYNX is launching a physical and digital music ecosystem for artists to launch and control their own interactive experiences through playable virtual worlds and NFTs. PIXELYNX founders led by CEO Inder Phull, are Joel Zimmerman (aka deadmau5), Techno legend Richie Hawtin, along with music industry vets Ben Turner and Dean Wilson. The PIXELYNX studio comprises senior AAA game developers from Activision, EA Sports, Epic Games, Ubisoft, and Microsoft.

To date, the community on HiberWorld has made more than two million virtual worlds, establishing itself as a leading metaverse platform. In the future, HiberWorld technology will enable fans to unlock value from NFTs by displaying and using assets through new Web3 technology.

“We have been working with PIXELYNX for almost a year already and we believe that they have an incredible offering and approach to the Metaverse focused on music, fashion and culture. They are the perfect partner for us as we are aligned in supporting the open Metaverse where everyone can participate,” said Hiber CEO Michael Yngfors.

“Being optimized for accessibility in its cross-platform web and mobile offering, the HiberWorld platform offers everything artists and musicians need to build their presence in the Metaverse with their own virtual worlds and seamlessly reach their audience in a 3D space on a mobile phone, or browser. As we explore the opportunities in this space together, we see a massive opportunity to reach and build a global audience, bring music, gaming and new entertainment experiences to the masses,” said PIXELYNX CEO and co-founder Inder Phull.