Kaspersky launches new gamer edition cybersecurity

In the field of cybersecurity, Kaspersky is set to launch a new gamer edition cybersecurity that will be available at Amazon for a limited period. Available in a slim jacket pack, Kaspersky Total Security solution comes with a special offer that also includes the premium Kaspersky Secure VPN connection. Providing complete security, the primary features of this edition include the premium antivirus software, a tailor-made gaming mode, a VPN service and a security system for your passwords and payments. To see what this antivirus software offers when compared to others, read Kaspersky vs Norton 2021

Elaborating the vision behind the launch and explaining the features available in this edition, Kaspersky (South Asia) general manager Dipesh Kaura said, “The objective behind launching a specific gamer edition was to make sure that users enjoy their gaming experience to the hilt while we protect their accounts and data with top-rated cybersecurity. Our system is powered by artificial intelligence and is capable of detecting and removing malware and blocking pop-ups and tracking. It auto-activates the gaming mode to make sure that the user experience is uninterrupted. We have also updated our basic features and provide intelligent security for the passwords and payments of users. Most importantly, this edition comes with a VPN to encrypt your chats, emails and searches, as well as to enhance your gaming experience by bypassing ISP throttling.”

A one-year, one-device license, this package is priced at Rs 1,995. As a special offer, the Kaspersky VPN available with this pack will give users an unrestricted data limit with the independence to connect to any available VPN server from a global list.

Kaspersky head of consumer business South Asia Purshottam Bhatia said, “We targeted millennials and gamers with this product and made sure that we take care of all common grouses. Apart from blocking pop-ups, upon auto-activating the gaming mode, the software also blocks notifications to deliver an interruption-free experience. The fact that it exerts minimal amounts of load on the CPU and maintains an optimal FPS makes sure that the performance of your PC is affected in no way. Also, the software automatically updates itself throughout the duration of the license period, making sure that users are able to enjoy any additions or tweaks we make.”