Jagran New Media introduces new gaming platform in collaboration with Kurate Digital Consulting and Maxamtech Digital Ventures

Jagran News Media has launched its new gaming site ‘Play.jagran.com’  in partnership Kurate Digital Consulting and Maxamtech Digital Ventures, to cater to the audience especially interested in Gaming.

The platform has various gaming options for single-player, real-time multiplayer, tournaments and so on which people can play for free and win instant cash prizes.

Popular games like Ludo, snakes and ladders, soccer and spin the wheel has also been added and the plan is to keep on adding more interesting games to keep the players entertained and also offer them a social environment to connect with friends and strangers.

Speaking about the new initiative, Jagran News Media CEO Bharat Gupta said, “Our Online Gaming Initiative will help us to reach out and engage with this new digital first audience more effectively and further consolidate our brand offerings amongst this fast-growing audience segment.”

With Kurate Digital Consulting partnership, Jagran New Media will utilize Kurate’s expertise in the gaming industry so as to provide the most engaging experience to the users.

Kurate Digital Consulting senior partner Uday Sodhi commented, “With 360 mn Online gamers in India having 20per cent + growth in 2020 – the Casual and hypercasual games provide a huge opportunity for Jagran.com to engage with their audience through a bi-lingual gaming channel. We at Kurate Digital Consulting are proud to partner with Jagran.com and Maxamtech Digital Ventures in rolling out the Jagran Play channel for Indian audience.”

Maxamtech Digital Ventures, the leading Technology Services provider is also the partner of Jagran New Media for providing platform for Jagran Play.

Maxamtech Digital Ventures founder Xerxes Mullan said, “Maxamtech Digital Ventures is excited to partner with Jagran New Media to launch and manage the Jagran Play channel for their online audience. Our Gaming 360 platform aims to deliver a unique experience for users through a variety of games, tournaments, social interaction and attractive in-game gratifications. As online gaming grows in India, we continue to play a key role in facilitating user engagement with gamification and customised gaming experiences.”