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Indian presenters and sports commentators turned esports gamers

Several prominent personalities from Indian sports commentary and entertainment have made the exciting crossover into the global arena of esports, contributing to its intriguing development. 

This exploration dives into the lives of these personalities who have embraced the esports world, joining the Betstarexchage esports betting section, and highlighting their journeys and the impact they’ve made. 

Transitioning from traditional sports commentary to mastering the digital battlegrounds of esports is as seamless as trading a cricket bat for a game controller—no big deal, right? It’s minor that these commentators are now narrating their legendary plays in real-time. 

Saransh Jain

Originally a professional FIFA player, Saransh Jain’s esports journey began unexpectedly at a local tournament in Pune. With consistent victories and a knack for the game, Jain not only made a name for himself locally but also on international stages.

  • Hometown: Pune, India
  • Favourite game: is EA FC, because clearly, no other game could possibly measure up to the complexity of soccer played on a screen.
  • Career highlight: Winning a significant tournament in the Maldives that put him on the map internationally. His LinkedIn says “King of Games, Maldives Champion”
  • Ambition: To continue competing internationally and perhaps, one day, explain to his non-gamer friends exactly what he does for a living.

These snippets from Jain’s life show not only his professional growth but also his personal dedication to esports, illustrating how deeply the gaming world has impacted his life and career, because who needs a regular nine-to-five job when you can play video games and call it a career?​

Amit Malwal (Zapheto)

Amit Malwal, known in the gaming community as Zapheto, has been influential in popularising Dota 2 in India. Starting from a young age with games like Tomb Raider, Malwal’s dedication has seen him become one of the prominent figures in the Indian esports scene, advocating for the sport’s recognition on global platforms like the Olympics. 

Krish Gupta (Moon)

Krish Gupta, or “Moon,” is the youngest professional Dota 2 player in India. At just 17, his early engagement with the game and the support from his family has propelled him into a career that many youngsters only dream of. 

Gupta represents a new generation of gamers who are not only passionate about gaming but are also achieving notable success at a young age. Here’s a closer look at some personal details that highlight his journey:

  • Favourite game: Dota 2
  • Current role: Carry, Solo Middle
  • Career milestone: Becoming the youngest professional Dota player in the country. Apparently, starting early is the secret sauce to esports stardom.
  • Approx. total winnings: $10,820

These details highlight Gupta’s early start and lofty aspirations in the gaming world, presenting a young individual who’s not just playing games but aiming ridiculously high—and sarcastically speaking, he’s practically a slacker for not having already conquered the esports world by his late teens​.

Naman Mathur (Mortal)

Starting with PUBG Mobile, his engaging gameplay and strategic prowess have earned him a massive following and significant success in various tournaments. Mathur’s journey from an online streamer to a recognised Betstarexch esports athlete underscores the lucrative and professional nature of esports today. 

  • Hometown: Mumbai, India
  • Streaming platforms: Primarily streams on YouTube, where he magically transforms playing games into a spectator sport.
  • Subscribers: Seven million
  • Notable achievement: Winning the PMCO Spring Split India 2019, you know, winning once is clearly enough to become a legend.
  • Community impact: Known for his humility and engaging personality, proving that even gamers can be social butterflies.

Through a blend of talent and perhaps a sprinkle of luck, Mortal’s transition from tapping on his phone screen to becoming an esports celebrity highlights the not-so-hard journey to fame in the gaming world.


The narratives of these individuals reflect a broader shift where gaming has evolved from a hobby to a serious career. Their foray into esports underscores the increasing acceptance and excitement for gaming in India. 

As esports grows, it’s poised to attract even more diverse talent, enhancing this dynamic industry. No one needs traditional careers when you can earn a living by mastering video games. Say goodbye to office cubicles and hello to gaming marathons!