IESF reaches 82 members, after nine new nations joined from the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe

When the IESF(International Esports Federation) was initially formed it was made up only of nine members in the year 2008.

Now the IESF has welcomed eight new member nations from different continents on 10September.Many potential members are applying to IESF, strengthening the “unity mission that we have started”, says IESF Board Member and Secretariat Director Boban Totovski. 

Deputy Minister for Digital Transformation, Oleksandr Borniakov commented that “This is a historic moment for our country. After all, esports has long ceased to be just about ‘shooters,’ but a fundamental element of modern digital culture. About 600 million people admire it, including millions of Ukrainians. Besides, Ukraine has a high culture of esports, as well as strong players. Our teams regularly win various tournaments around the world. The industry has long turned into a real business that brings many benefits and opportunities, both locally and globally.” 

The nations are represented through their respective national Esports Associations:

  • Chile : Street Soccer Organization
  • Ecuador : Ecuadorian eSports Association
  • Jordan : Jordan Esports Federation
  • Libya : Libyan Esports Federation 
  • Luxembourg : Luxembourg Esports Federation
  • Mauritania : Federation Esports Mauritania
  • Monaco : Monaco eSports Federation
  • Slovenia : E-sports Federation of Slovenia

IESF’s continued growth is largely thanks to the organization’s ability to deliver benefits to its members, provide a continuous and sustainable World Championships events, and host its Global Esports Executive Summit.

IESF continues its mission to create a thriving Esports ecosystem globally where growth can be enhanced for both large Esports economies and grassroot-level nations. IESF is looking forward to working with all of our members for the development of Esports! 

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