GEMS 2020: The Talent Perspective: Management, Making A Life And Fans

Day two began with an insightful session on talent management and live streaming dynamics ranging from the viability of the platforms, the lives of content creators in gaming, innards of talent management and the overall gaming scenario.

Moderated by Indian Television Dot Com Group Founder CEO and editor-in-chief Anil Wanvari, the session was participated by YouTube gamer, content creator Shagufta Iqbal – aka XYAA, 8Bit creatives director Animesh Agarwal – Aka 8Bit Thug, Trinity Gaming India MD Abhishek Aggarwal, Loco-Pocket Aces VP operations Firasat Durrani and Loco content creator Ketan Patel.

Gamers in India are starting to generate huge fan following. While Xyaa spoke about her foray into the gaming space and her ascent as a content creator, Agarwal delved into the elements that come together when creating vlogs as a gamer. Session explored the role of storytelling in reaching out to more eyeballs. While participants agreed that content creation and streaming goes beyond just playing games as it takes much more to captivate the audiences for hours. Apart from having a positive personality, according to insights offered by participants, it is also about interactions with the audiences.

Durrani and Aggarwal shed light on the unknown aspects of successful gamers and their role as the enablers in the gaming and live streaming space. While Durrani extolled the importance of doing charitable features on livestream, Agarwal informed how talent managers facilitate the gamers with the resources and play a big role in the financial motivations akin to industries like Sports and Bollywood.