VFX Gaming sites play Cupid on Valentine's Day -

Gaming sites play Cupid on Valentine’s Day

Gaming portals normally offer users a chance to connect with special occasions. Why should Valentine’s Day be any different? AnimationXpress.com takes a look at what two game portals have done to offer visitors the Valentine’s Day experience.

Apart from launching Love Express’ on Zapak.tv, Zapak.com has also introduced Love ka kabootar, Play it Safe, Love ka Line and Love in Vacuum, four online games, to entertain the love struck.

In Love Ka Kabootar the player has to save a carrier pigeon carrying a love message from people pelting stones at it. In Play it Safe, it is spreading the message of hygiene and safe sex. Each player functions as Cupid and has to hand over the right colored condoms to a couple in a matching colored dress within a set time to gain points.

Love ka Line is based on the theme of palmistry and forces you (a small animated image of a man) to follow a straight line to reach a heart placed on the palm of a hand using mouse clicks and the cursor keys. Speed is off essence, and the sooner you draw the line, the more the points you rack up. There are obstacles to be overcome en route, collectibles picked up and given to your beloved heart.

Love in Vacuum allows you to play Cupid again but in the year 2150 A.D on Space Station Alpha Centauri. Cupid has to connect two hearts by shooting arrows through them, while other attackers try and prevent him from doing so.

Gaming Hungama on the other hand has introduced a multiplayer game The Duel for love and two single player games Cupid Strike and Love is in the year.

The Duel for love is around the movie Salaam-e-Ishq. All you have to do is aim your dart at lady’s heart that is spinning on the wheel and to match the correct pairs. In case the dart hits the wrong heart, you lose your points. To help you, a list of the correct pairs is given.

Cupid strike encourages users to shoot down fluttering hearts in the woods, Users get to play cupid, and the more hearts he strikes the higher the points he gains. Love is in the year is quite similar to Cupid Strike, excepting the hearts are fluffy.

Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day. And thanks to the gaming sites, love games are on to. So log on, and play. Love is a game you can’t lose.