ASUS India Introduces the Gigabit Smart plus Switches

GigaX 1116i+ pic

ASUS India announced the introduction of two more products in its networking product portfolio on 13 February �06. The GigaX 1116i+ and GigaX 1124i+ networking switches are the latest offerings of the company for the SME segment.

Because of their great flexibility, performance and security, the ASUS GigaX 1116i+ and the GigaX 1124i+ provide the optimal solution for small and medium size enterprises.

According to Altaf Ansari, Product Manager, Networking Business, ASUS India, “Both these switches provide features which allow easy manageability and cost effectiveness simultaneously. Thus, it optimizes the overall resource utilization of the networking infrastructure of an SME environment. The ASUS GigaX 1116i+ and the GigaX 1124i+ are built to enhance the latest technology scenario.”


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