Fourth ‘Valorant’ TEC Challenger Series concluded with Team Velocity Gaming at the frontline

The Esports Club (TEC) has concluded its fourth series of the five-month plan for Valorant tournaments under their IP, The Esports Club Challenger Series. Team Velocity Gaming secured their third championship in this series while team Tamilas was the only other team to win the event when they won the third series. 

The Esports Club co-founder and head of business development Ishaan Arya said, “It’s great to see our format and platform really helping out the players in the region. The fanfare and viewership around our event is also going up with every single edition and we are really looking forward to being deeply involved with the Valorant community in the coming months.”

The fourth edition of the LG Ultragear TEC Challenger Series powered by Ideapad Gaming and AMD witnessed another month of consistent and steady participation of 200+ teams per event.

The series has amassed nearly two million views so far, making it one of the most-watched esports events in the country. The Esports Club Challenger series provides aspiring Valorant players with an invaluable recurring competitive opportunity to hone their skills during the early stages of the game. The Esports Club aims at supporting the budding esports ecosystem with multiple tournaments and opportunities for players through events such as TEC challenger series. 

 The Esports Club director of esports Mansoor ‘Nabu’ Ahmed said, “We’ve seen a lot of growth in the Valorant competitive space over the past four months and the improvement in teams is also clearly visible. The TEC Challenger Series is just the first step for Valorant teams in the region and it’s truly amazing to see the positive response from the entire community to our format and content.”

The series now heads into its final month with another 200 teams set to take part as they compete for Two lakhs rupees and multiple individual awards in December!