‘Fe@rless’ mobile game available on iOS, Android, and Roblox

3QU Animation, New Hero, and Unanimous Games have announced that  Fe@rless mobile game is now available for download and play on iOS, Android, and Roblox.

To take Fe@rless fans to the next level of engagement, 3QU and New Hero partnered with Unanimous Games, bridging the gap between esports and the entertainment industries, to turn the animated film into a premium mobile game experience. Gamers can become their favorite characters from the Fe@rless animated film while acquiring supernatural baby powers to complete their mission.

Reaching the Netflix Top five watched films during its first week, the Fe@rless animated film boasts of culturally relevant character design with a diverse voice cast that includes Yara Shahidi (Melanie), Miles Robbins (Reid), Miguel J. Pimentel (Dr. Arcannis), Amari McCoy (Baby Kira), Jadakiss (Captain Lightspeed), Tom Kenny (Fleech), and Gabrielle Union (General Blazerhatch) with guest appearances by Angie Martinez, Fat Joe, and Dwyane Wade. The mobile game reflects this diversity and emphasizes the character’s uniqueness by allowing fans to play as Melanie, Reid, Lightspeed, Blazerhatch, and Arcannis.  

New Hero chief executive officer and co-founder LaSean Smith stated, “Fans of the Fe@rless animated film want to become their favourite characters. As a result, today’s most engaging stories must be able to move between games, film, print, and merchandise. UG has made this a reality by bringing the characters literally into the hands of fans. This is the future of transmedia storytelling and UG continues to lead the way in bringing interactivity to culturally relevant stories.”

In addition, the Fe@rless mobile game integrates the Fe@rless soundtrack by allowing gamers to play along to the original song ‘Magic (Fe@rless Mix)’ by Leegit, reinforcing the Fe@rless‘ brand commitment to empower and motivate everyday heroes through various facets of entertainment.

“Unanimous Games is excited to be a part of a project that aligns with the mission of our company; to create opportunities and projects that reflect a multicultural community. We are honored to develop a mobile game for such an inclusive animated film,” said  Unanimous Games esq chief operating officer Tara P. Enahoro.

Fe@rless mobile game will also be available to over 560 million African subscribers via MTN in the next few months.

 Actress, model, and voice of Kira, Amari McCoy, was immediately enticed with the game. “This is one of the best games I ever played!  I love the creative power-ups and the music from the movie! It’s so much fun seeing Kira and the rest of the characters.” Her highlights include the trampoline bounces, balloon rides, music, and seeing the Fearless characters maneuver their way through the game.