ESPL raises approximately Rs 3 lakhs for Oxygen concentrators via Paytm Foundation

ESPL organised a charity stream with professional esports players and influencers in support of their country partner, Paytm’s COVID oxygen relief campaign in India. In the campaign #OxygenForIndia individuals could donate to support purchases of oxygen concentrators in India. By the end of the charity stream, the organisation managed to raise Rs 300,000 during the weekend of the charity stream on 22 May 2021.

ESPL has grown in its one year of operations to have a presence across five regions. Being an amateur esports company, ESPL did what it could to not only help but to unite gamers globally to assist however they could.

Paytm announced this donation drive to donate oxygen concentrators to Government hospitals and foundations in need. ESPL’s #GamersAgainstCOVID initiative featured Indian esports pros and influencers such as SkRossi, Hellranger and SnrLx, with the goal of encouraging donations to Paytmfoundation from viewers of the stream and the audiences of the influencers involved. The amount raised during the campaign period and all donations went straight to the #OxygenForIndia campaign of Paytm Foundation. 

“As a global esports company devoted to grassroots esports development, we feel a strong connection to our communities in the regions we operate in. Whilst our country partner Paytm is doing what they can to help those in desperate need, we felt it was our duty to support however we can,” says ESPL CEO Michael Broda.