Electronic Arts is looking for potential mergers and acquisitions

Electronic Arts (EA), the popular video game publishing company, is in talks with a number of corporations, including Apple, about a possible merger or purchase. EA, the renowned video game publisher that brought some of the industry’s most iconic video game franchises to life, including The Sims, FIFA, Apex Legends, and more, is looking to be acquired by a major corporation, likely to extend its economic options. According to reports, EA has approached other corporations such as Disney and Amazon in addition to Apple.

As per the reports, EA got the idea of mergers and acquisition from fellow competitors like Blizzard and Bungie, which were acquired by Microsoft and Sony, respectively. While Apple and Amazon are the most appealing prospects, EA previously had an almost firm arrangement with Comcast. A prospective NBC Universal spin-off was mentioned, but the agreement fell through. As a result, the corporation is now exploring other options.

It wouldn’t be shocking if Apple bought EA because the two firms have a long history. EA was founded by Trip Hawkins, who was previously the director of marketing and strategy at Apple. Hawkins quit Apple in 1982 to launch his own company. Furthermore, the acquisition might help Apple strengthen its gaming service Apple Arcade by adding more exclusive, ad-free titles from EA, such as its planned LOTR-based mobile game, allowing it to compete more effectively with its PlayStation and Xbox rivals.