Asmodee Digital to bring ‘Gloomhaven’ game to console in 2023

The board game scene was shaken in 2017 with the launch of Gloomhaven, a massively popular dungeon-crawler game which is the best board game based on aggregate reviews. The success of the board game made a demand for it to have a video game adaptation, Asmodee Digital and Flaming Fowl Studios, delivered the same in 2021. Now Asmodee Digital is going a step further with Gloomhaven as they are launching the game in consoles in 2023.

Gloomhaven was once solely available on PC, allowing Flaming Fowl Studios to conduct a lengthy Steam Early Access period. Early Access allowed the developers to take their time and gather input as they worked on the game. The game is fully available to the users and has received positive responses on steam. 

The company has not revealed much details about the console, but the short announcement trailer confirmed the release of the console in 2023. That indicates there are currently no supported platforms. It’s unclear whether Gloomhaven will be a next-gen-only release, support the Nintendo Switch, or be available on all currently-used platforms.