VFX Cricket expert Harsha Bhogle joins Bowled.io as strategic investor -

Cricket expert Harsha Bhogle joins Bowled.io as strategic investor

Bowled.io, the world’s first Cricket based social experience platform, recently added renowned cricket expert and the voice of Indian cricket, Harsha Bhogle as a strategic investor to the company. Bhogle will lead the Bowled.io think tank, aiding the company with key insights and connecting with global cricket fans. Additionally, he will also assist in developing newer formats for cricket-based games on the Bowled.io platform. Bhogle will team up with multiple international cricketers in the Bowled.io think tank.

Expressing his views on Bhogle’s partnership with Bowled.io, co-founder Rahul Singh said, “Straight drive is the same, whether it is Meerut or Melbourne or Manchester. We started with a mission to bring together cricket lovers from all over the world through the power of sports, gaming and social engagement. Bowled.io is the go-to platform for cricket lovers providing an immersive and 360-degree experience for cricket fans to connect, compete, and share their passion for the sport. So far, global cricket fans have hit over 10.5M sixes, caught over 12M catches and taken over 2.5M wickets on the platform. Building further on the overwhelmingly positive response from the community, we are super excited to add Bhogle as a brand ambassador and strategic investor. His expertise and adroit understanding of the sports ecosystem will help us grow Bowled.io and connect with sports fans globally.”

Launched in March 2022, Bowled.io allows users to discover and play games, own in-game assets, compete in tournaments, reap social and economic benefits and much more. The entire ecosystem is powered by blockchain technology allowing true ownership and interoperability of the assets. The Bowled.io super app already has a global community of cricket fans from 70+ countries with over 34M hrs of gameplay consumed and 60M+ in-game assets in circulation.

Speaking on joining Bowled.io, Harsha Bhogle said, “Strategy-based games have always piqued my interest since they let people compete with one another and get more involved. I was drawn in by the prospect of working with a youthful, zealous team of cricket enthusiasts and their new take on cricket. I now expect a prolonged, exploratory journey with this fantastic young team.”

With its fleet of six hyper-casual games and two mid-core and strategy games, Bowled.io aims to be the pioneer in creating a platform for sports fans across the world. The flagship game, Faceoff, is being hailed as the chess of cricket as it combines knowledge and strategy to create exciting gameplay. Bowled.io also plans to bring Live cricket games to the platform very soon. The Bowled.io marketplace hosts in-game assets that can be bought and sold among users.

Bowled.io recently added core features like in-game asset utility and wallet, completing the blockchain gaming loop. Bowled.io plans to start venturing into other sports, like football, tennis and basketball, with similar core loops going forward. Along with this, Bowled.io is partnering with leading industry players to add content and distribution power ups. Sky Mavis, the creator and operator of play-to-earn game, Axie Infinity, is a strategic investor and partner to the Bowled.io platform, in addition to Bhogle. The company has raised $3M from other marquee global investors and industry leaders in March 2022.