Creative Monkey founder and CEO Deepak Aravind shares insights on their ‘Ludo Emperor’ game 

Online mobile gaming sector is one of the fastest growing sectors today because of which a lot of developers are tapping into this market. Today due to affordable data rate and smartphone availability, it has changed the Indian gaming landscape. Not just the popular publishers but also the Indian indie game developers are focusing on publishing mobile games or mobile versions of the PC games.

Creative Monkey founder and CEO Deepak Aravind

Speaking with Animation Xpress, Creative Monkey founder and CEO Deepak Aravind shared, “The rise of the mobile gaming industry has been exceptional in the past few years. As mobile technology tends to evolve, mobile gaming will play a greater role in the years to come. The popularity and the market share gained by mobile gaming in the last few years is immense and the growth of the mobile game industry in terms of revenue and popularity is expected to grow in the upcoming years.”

Over this Covid -19 lockdown, one of the game genres that is getting more highlighted is the board games. In fact in our last conversation with Gametion technology, they shared a mind boggling number for their Ludo King board game app. It crossed a total of 500 million downloads worldwide during the lockdown in 2020. This has trembled the industry’s mindsets and many want to tap the board game market.

Ludo has always been a popular board game. It would be rare to find a 90’s kid who hasn’t played a game of Ludo with their family. It is that kind of game where players, irrespective of their age groups, can sit and play together. The only difference today is that the game can now be played on digital screens as well. Aravind shared, “Ludo has become a genre more than a game in the past few years. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, people discovered ludo as a medium to engage with family and friends. Notably, the trend is still continuing with success. We always want to develop games for everyone and we want at least one member of every family to have a Creative Monkey Games product on their phone. Ludo Emperor is our first game targeting family audiences. Our Ludo game has many exclusive elements like new rules and new game play which are not present in any of the existing ludo games in the market.”

As the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic started spreading in 2021, Indian game developer Creative Monkey, launched their ‘quickest ludo game’, Ludo Emperor. The game, while in pre-registration phase on Google Play Store, garnered over one million pre-registrations . During the time of the launch Aravind shared in their media note that “Ludo is already a proven 1Billion plus market. So we are certain that all Ludo fans and players who love online multiplayer, strategy & board games will fall in love with Ludo Emperor.”

According to the developer, their Ludo Emperor induced Ludo Board into a Ludo World with a beautiful environment and lively animations. The game currently has three different worlds: the forest, atlantis and drago nursery and more will be introduced in the forthcoming updates. The game has four most popular modes: Play Online, Play with Friends, Play with Computer and Pass and Play.  

Apart from Ludo, the developer is also working on other projects. He shared, “We have partnered with Australian Legendary Cricketer Matthew Hayden and are working on a brand new advanced cricket game titled Haydos 380. This will be the best Cricket game with many unique elements which will satisfy all cricket lovers. Also we are working on some interesting updates for our existing titles WCB2, WCB LIVE Cricket Multiplayer and Ludo Emperor.”