Check out the early concept art for ‘Valorant’

Valorant has been officially launched since summer and it has gathered a decent number of users because of its game’s content. The developer, Riot Games, does a great job keeping things fresh and offering constant updates with new items in the store. Riot’s release of Episode One of Chapter Three with a new map, Icebox, and a new agent, Skye, along with a large number of new cosmetics in both the Battle Pass and the in-game store has raised the heat of interest among gaming enthusiasts.

The game went through various changes to be where it is now. Agents were scrapped, maps were redesigned, and concepts were too ambitious. Although, for the most part, it seems Riot Games had a vision and saw it through. One can figure out this because some early-concept art for the game got leaked according to SportsKeeda.

Apparently, artist Atey Ghailan departed from Riot Games and took his work with him. After this occurred, four screenshots of early Valorant concept art was released into the world.

The game is gaining popularity around the world today and new players are participating in the Valorant Tournaments. Watching the photographs of the never seen before Valorant content makes us give a deeper look at how and where it started.