‘Bingo’: How this game changed nowadays ?

Bingo is one of the old games that have existed since the mid-1500s. This game of chance has seen significant growth in recent years in the UK since the rise of online gambling. After the introduction of the 2005 Gambling Act, online Bingo regulation has become more flexible enabling several Bingo operators to build their businesses. 

As the UK is renowned for its stricter gambling laws to keep this field fairer and safer many gambling operators register at the UK Gambling Commission. Bingo is also called Lotto and is known to get together with family and friends. Today, Bingo is changing its face and has become omnipresent in both web-based and online casinos. How has Bingo changed nowadays? We explore the different variations of Bingo that have won the players’ hearts.

Classic Mode

Although the Bingo hall is no longer attractive, the online version is booming in popularity. With the different types of Bingo games, the classic version remains popular. Statistically, the gaming industry has seen amazing growth with the launch of online Bingo not registered with GamStop for UK players. The basic game rule is still the same but there are additional features to make it more seductive. Similar to the slot, Bingo is very simple to learn and does not require any skills. 

The game has been brought to our homes allowing us to play it at our convenience and aside from the features bundled with Bingo; the online casinos offer huge bonuses. Great bonuses do not only mean more chances to win but also a kind of policy to encourage people to play again and again. The online classic Bingo is similar to the traditional version in which the player has to be the first to cross off all his or her numbers. 

As a matter of fact, in the beginning, each player is offered a ticket with rows of numbers and they have to select how many cards they want to play. Then, they choose many numbers they like that will be randomly selected during the game. You win the game if the caller calls all of the numbers you’ve selected.


Slingo is a combination of slot and Bingo. This game was developed in New Jersey in 1994 by Dave Lyons and Sal Falciglia. Slingo was only available on the free-play version but with the online casino growth, it is now possible to wager on this game. Since it is a game of chance, it doesn’t require any skills. Today; several online casinos added Slingo on their game portfolio enabling the players to have fun in the comfort of their own homes. 

To play the game, the player first spins the reels below the grid and then, checks it if it shows any of the selected numbers on the reels. He or she is allowed to spin the card Bingo 20 times. What’s more, as Bingo has been improved greatly, the extra symbols are added on the reels that enable the players to trigger gains instantly and other interesting bonuses. These symbols include Joker, Free Spins, Super Joker, and Gold Coin. 

The Standard Joker increases their chance to win but it can also become Super Joker. As for the Super Joker, it can show up on the board and helps the players to erase any remaining number on their cards. The Gold Coin can boost winnings instantly. Nonetheless, if Devils items appear, their score is reduced in half. The winner of Slingo is the player who has won many points.

Rebel Bingo

Another popular Bingo version that has gained great popularity is Rebel Bingo. This game was created by James ‘Flames’ Gordon and Freddie ‘Fortune’ Sorensen in Farringdon in 2008. As its name suggests, the game is a combination of Bingo and a big show. As a matter of fact, Rebel Bingo is playing Bingo in a club atmosphere. The game is similar to the standard Bingo that occurs most of the time in the crazy night. 

Despite the negative view on Rebel Bingo, this game has increased its popularity not only in the UK but also in other cities such as Las Vegas, Preston, Ibiza, New York, Los Angeles, and many others. Rebel Bingo is, actually, a gambling event full of excitement and occurs in a festive atmosphere. According to the founders, the feeling when playing Rebel Bingo is like turning lights on your bedroom and listening to really loud music while touching yourself. It is also like doing the Sudoku puzzle on a rollercoaster while touching yourself.