‘Beyblade Burst Turbo’, third season of BEYBLADE’s third generation launched on Marvel HQ in India

The much-awaited Season three of Beyblade Burst made its debut on Marvel HQ in India on 7 December 2020. The series follows the epic adventures of Aiger Akabane as he sets his sights on becoming an invincible Blader with the help of his Turbo Bey, Z Achilles, and claiming the title of World Champion. The 51-episode series season premiered on Indian TV for the first time on Marvel HQ on 7 December 2020 and airs from Monday to Friday. The series is available to watch in Hindi, Tamil and Telegu.

Originating in Japan in 1999, the BEYBLADE brand is currently in its third generation, with five animated seasons produced to date. The series has gained popular acclaim in India through multiple generations with beloved themes of friendship and competition that fans have formed a deep affinity with. The latest generation, Beyblade Burst, premiered in India on Marvel HQ in 2018 and has been very well-received across many demographics, garnering fans old and new.

The capable team at Dream Theatre will represent this successful brand for content syndication and merchandise rights, having partnered with ADK Emotions NY Inc., which manages the BEYBLADE brand globally (ex. Asia). The brand has much more excitement coming in 2021 as it also welcomes the 20th anniversary of the first generation of the animated series; so stay tuned for more news!