AirConsole is giving everyone free access to all of their video games

AirConsole: #StayHome, play for free

AirConsole, a globally leading platform for casual games, today announced that they will provide everyone with free access to all of their video games during the month of November in a new attempt to stop the spreading of the coronavirus.

While Europe and other parts of the world are facing a renewed  increase in coronavirus cases, the Swiss gaming company AirConsole is doing what it can to help the millions of people in quarantine across the globe.

AirConsole is a cloud based video game console that is accessible from every home through the web browser or Android TV. Smartphones are used as gamepads. No additional hardware is required for a full video game console experience. AirConsole boasts a library of 160 games across a variety of genres.

“During the first lockdown, AirConsole was able to help millions of people to stay entertained with their families and loved ones. We received overwhelming positive feedback from our community and with people returning to stay home, we understood that it was time for us to act again. Today we’ve decided to give everyone access to the full platform for free for two weeks. We know that a lot of people are affected by lockdowns and quarantines at the moment and that many will be looking for new forms of entertainment,” says AirConsole head of product Rafael Morgan

AirConsole CEO Andrin von Rechenberg says, “It’s been a tough time and we would like to help as many people as possible. After the first lockdown, we increased the number of family-friendly games on AirConsole. It’s important to us that people without a lot of gaming experience feel welcome as well!”

As in the previous solidarity campaign, players will be able to use the promotional code “919 2020” and get two weeks of full access to AirConsole’s 160 games, which are normally available as part of a subscription called AirConsole Hero.

Get access to the full version of AirConsole:

1. Download the AirConsole App from Apple’s AppStore or Google Play.

2. Launch the app and insert the following code when the numpad appears: “919 2020”

3. The full AirConsole experience will be unlocked for two weeks.

4. Open AirConsole on your desktop browser, connect your smartphone as the gamepad by following the simple instructions and start playing instantly.