VFX A modder transforms PS5 into custom made liquid-cooled PS5 console -

A modder transforms PS5 into custom made liquid-cooled PS5 console

A modder has created his own custom liquid-cooled PS5 console and has turned plenty of heads in the process. He has deconstructed a Sony console and re-made it using completely custom parts including the integration of a bespoke cooling system to stunning effect.

The next-gen console generates quite a bit of heat, requiring a large cooling fan. However, water cooling is a quieter option, and it takes up less space. The plastic casing in modder Nhenhophach’s build makes it as tall as a traditional PS5, but he’s apparently working on more versions, including one that will be made available commercially. The modder’s YouTube channel tends to focus more on PC builds, and his next project will apparently integrate the water-cooled PS5 into a PC, according to Video Games Chronicle. Here is the video of the mod’s creation:

This liquid-cooled PlayStation 5 design requires the system’s optical drive to be abandoned, though it remains to be seen whether the add-on will be retained for future water-cooled PS5 designs. While this new PlayStation system’s thermals cannot be measured accurately, the liquid temperature and smooth performance of this modified system show that the system is stable and has plenty of thermal headroom. Coolant temperatures and backplate temperatures are not overly warm, making this modding project a huge success. Sadly, precise thermal information about this system was not provided to us. 

At this time, it is unknown how much custom liquid-cooled PlayStation 5 consoles will cost when they are made available to purchase. It is also unknown if Nhenhophach’s design will be made available in kit form or exclusively as completed systems. The design of this cooling system is similar to liquid cooling CPU/motherboard monoblocks, which makes sense given the PlayStation 5’s motherboard design.