VFX Cosplay artist Medha Srivastava gets featured in Creative Gaga -

Cosplay artist Medha Srivastava gets featured in Creative Gaga

Creative Gaga is the biggest magazine in in the truest senseh features artists. They have come up with a separate edition called India’s best illustrators. In the recent issue, cosplayer Medha Srivastava was recognised by Creative Gaga for her illustrations, which portray the reality in the society. 

“I feel very honored and privileged to be considered amongst the best Illustrators of the country. It has given me an opportunity to assess myself, where I stand..I know the journey is very long and it is a never ending process to be an accomplished artist in true sense. That is the beauty of art. You never stop learning. It keeps enriching and chiseling your skills , to come out with better art and concepts,” said she.

The lockdown has given every individual a chance to focus on their inner self. Many have turned to art and craft for peace and solace. Srivastava’s illustrations speak directly with the audience. They aptly describe the situation with words and are a visual treat. Here are a few for you to witness:

“There are so many brilliant Illustrators in the country, who I have always looked upto. So in my eyes I still feel that I have a long journey ahead. But what makes me happy is when people start identifying your work. That is the biggest challenge is the field of art,” Srivastava added.

Srivastava, the first Indian female cosplayer to win an international award in cosplay. She is the winner of Fan Favourite Award Indian Championship of Cosplay at Comic Con India 2020, ESL Mumbai 2019 and Dota World Cosplay Championship best technique cosplay.