Comic Con India Announces ‘A Special Workshop with Artist Ramya Sriram’ Tomorrow at Hyderabad

Round the corner is the first edition of Comic Con Express Hyderabad and to add more excitement to it, Comic Con India in association with Red Point Café is conducting a workshoptomorrow at Hyderabad by artist Ramya Sriram, founder of The Tap. Ramya, who believes that pictures speak more than words, in this workshop, will stress on Simple and Minimalistic style of drawing. She started her creative journey by narrating her own stories using stick figures. To take her artistic approach to new heights, she started The Tap, a weekly comic strip for a magazine in 2010, which has now developed into a full-fledged platform for developing quirky comics and illustrations using simple lines, shapes and stick figures. She gives out her expertise as a freelancer cartoonist and illustrator. Speaking to about what inspired her towards art, Ramya, says, “I’ve been exposed to art since I was a kid. So drawing has always come as a natural form of expression. With time I found that I was happy telling stories using a very simple style that I discovered most people could relate to.”

To be conducted tomorrow from 7 pm at Redpoint Café, Hitech City,- Hyderabad, the theme of this workshop is “Less is More”, in which Ramya will bring forward the techniques of telling appreciable stories through picture descriptions using very few lines, curves or shapes. Adds more, “Less is more is a technique by which you reduce or minimize the usage of detail for maximum effect. I feel more satisfied when I tell stories in pictures than I do in words.” Ramya will also talk about The Tap’s journey  and how the idea of setting up a platform for stick figures came about along with informing about the key elements that go into making a comic strip and point out the factors which bring out the power of using stick figures or simple drawings as a mode of communication.

Talking about her drawing style, Ramya says, “I try to break down ideas and stories into simple sequences, frame by frame. I also break down complex images or pictures into simple lines and shapes. I follow a hand-drawn, sketchy, “freestyle” sort of illustration technique. I draw and color everything by hand without using any preset shapes or fills.” Ramya creates her artworks using simple lines, shapes and illustrations to tell a story or to depict a situation and takes up personalized gifting orders for wedding invites, book covers, greeting cards and personalized gifts. She will showcase her comics and products at the workshop. Adds more, “I will be using my comics as examples when I talk about different styles and ways of drawing/ expression.” So which is the drawing style that Ramya recommends? “I don’t particularly recommend a simple style of drawing though it is what I follow. Some people are comfortable using more detail and that style may suit their stories better.” “I am looking forward to interacting with the audience, especially those who are already into comics. I hope for it to be an informal session where both the audience and I can share ideas and generally have a good time.” concludes, Ramya