TASI Announces First Ever Seminar in Delhi on 14th September

TASI has always strived to spread the knowledge of best in Indian and International animation to every part of India and continuing this trend it will now be organizing its very first seminar for animation enthusiasts at Delhi! This full day seminar, with a emphasis of strong and original content creation, features renowned faces of the industry including Ranjit Singh- Creative Producer, Animation Director & Author and Vaibhav More- Founder of Vaibhav More Films. Speakers will start off the day with TVC Case Studies, followed by session on Importance of Production Management, screening of TVCA’13 Winning shorts, screening of award winning short films, Principles of Animation, and Craft of Storytelling with a Q&A round also planned after the sessions. Sharing thoughts with AnimationXpress.com, Ranjit Singh, speaker at this seminar and Committee Member of TASI, says, “Delhi has been on our radar for a long time as there have been persistent requests from the janta for TASI to come here.  I’m very happy to have found a group of enthusiastic people here who are actively helping this initiative including some members from SAID. I must thank everyone at AJK MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia, especially Shaibani and Prof. Siddiqui, who proactively collaborated with us to make this Delhi debut possible.” In TVC Case Studies, Vaibhav More will put light on creation of commercial work, channel Ids, program ids and fillers done by his studio. The session on the art of production management is aimed at creating awareness towards why artists should pay as much attention to managing their work, as they do in creating their art. Ranjit Adds, “Production management is a much neglected aspect of our craft. My book on The Art of Animation Production Management has been well received by readers, and has affirmed my belief for the need to push this topic further through every seminar and session that I do. There are many misconceptions and myths about this aspect of work that I aim to clear.” Screening of award winning short films will also be a delight, followed by a dedicated session on Principles of Animation, post which Vaibhav will be giving a live demo. “Vaibhav will make use of digital tools to explain how the principles of animation are implemented following the traditional 2D approach to animation, their effective use, tips and tricks,” informs Ranjit Writers, story tellers and comic artists will also get to know the nuances of how to convert their ideas into interesting and captivating stories. The session will progress with a discussion on film structure, construction, pitfalls, tips and interactive exercises to examine how simple ideas can be translated into engrossing tales. “We will help the audience to get over common mind blocks and hurdles in story construction and also look at characterization, importance of voice casting and the building blocks of effective story-telling using animation as the backdrop” The session is free for all TASI members and non-members also have the option to sign up online and register for the day. “We want young creative minds to also look towards independent short films and want to help raise the bar so that artists can create quality content. There is a lot of untapped creativity and we want to empower these minds to create new stuff on their own.” Ranjit concludes. Click here to register yourself for this seminar.   connect@animationxpress.com

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