Vimanika to launch apparel line & Moksha Vol#5 at Comic Con India 2012

Karan Vir Arora’s Vimanika Comics is all set to launch an exclusive apparel line at the 2nd Annual Comic Con India in Dilli Haat. The apparel line consists of casual t-shirts for both girls and boys and displays the picture of Vimanika’s famous characters like Karna, Kalki, Kali, Shiva, Vishnu, Parshuram and Hanuman. The t-shirts are available in all sizes and falls in the price range of INR 299 – 350. Talking to about the launch Karan Vir Arora, CEO & Founder, Vimanika Comics shares, “Launching apparel line is another way we wanted to reach to people. It’s a different platform for us but the main idea is to reach people. The design of the t-shrits gives a spiritual sense but it’s also cool. They also have taglines and I hope that the young generation likes it”. Apart from the apparel line Vimanika is also launching Moksha Vol# 5 at Comic Con India 2012. Another volume in the Moksha series about Hanuman and Purshuram deals with a secret of Lanka. There is a character in the comic that comes out of Lanka in a mysterious aircraft and is up to something. The comic revolves around its mystery and then the solution. Karan is optimistic about launching an apparel line as well as the comic at Comic Con India as he believes that comic enthusiasts attend Comic Con in large number and he wants people to appreciate Vimanika’s products. Also Shiva from Vimanika Comics has been nominated for the 1st Comic Con India Awards in the category of Best Graphic Novel/ Comic Book of the Year. And I am Kalki has been nominated in the category of Best Cover. About the Comics industry Karan says, “I have learned to be patient. In this industry you cannot expect immediate profits. You will have profit only when your characters become cult. Currently it’s sowing time; Indian Comic Industry is experimenting and trying different genres and style and design. The important thing to do is to understand the market and then make something that makes sense to you. I was always interested in mythological genre and I’m making comics based on that but I’m also providing a fresh approach to it so that the readers in this modern time can enjoy it”. Karan Vir is planning to launch a new banner under Vimanika for publishing contemporary titles. “We have just added international title, ‘War of the Independents’ written by Dave Ryan and published by Red Anvil Comics. We are distributing it in India but we want to come up with our own titles of other genres which will be published under the new banner”, adds Karan. Vimanika is also in talks with the National and International studios to make a live-action feature of one of its properties. Simultaneously they are working on new titles which will be announced soon.