Valiant Entertainment renews Harbinger for new ongoing series

Valiant Entertainment has announced a new Harbinger comic book series for 2021. The new book, titled The Harbinger, will continue the story of Peter Stanchek after the events of the earlier Harbinger and Harbinger: Renegades series. The story will be written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing (Star Trek: Year Five, Green Arrow) with art by Robbi Rodriguez (Spider-Gwen, Goddess Mode).

“The Harbinger is the next big step forward in the Valiant Universe and Peter Stanchek’s promised rebirth as a hero, a leader, and a revolutionary,” said Lanzing. “It’s unapologetic in its politics, diverse in its cast and intimate in its drama. Collin and I love to tell stories that balance character deconstruction and social analysis, and there’s no one in comics who needs a little deconstruction and social awareness more than Peter.”

“We’re incredibly honored and excited to tell this story, taking all of who Peter Stanchek was, and evolving him into who he can be. Though he’s one of the most powerful people on the planet, like many of us, Peter has made mistakes. People have been hurt. We have no interest in ignoring that part of the character’s history; by acknowledging those mistakes and taking responsibility for them, Peter will become the person — and the hero — he has always had the potential to be,” said Kelly. “This is a story about using privilege to support the marginalized; this is a story about owning your mistakes, and using them to grow. Peter Stanchek will be more than a hero; he will be a harbinger for the world we want to see.”

“When Collin, Jackson, and I first started mapping out this project, we weren’t expecting the themes we are tackling to be as relevant in our own lives as they have become,” said Rodriguez. “As we see everyone facing more each day, people can feel a change is coming. It makes it all the more fitting that it’s called Harbinger, the herald of change.”

The Harbinger will launch in 2021. It coincides with the release of a 2021 Harbinger feature film from Valiant Entertainment and Paramount Studios, however, with the delays in production due to the pandemic, this seems unlikely.