VFX DC's Human Target and Christopher Chance to return in Tom King’s ‘Black Label’ -

DC’s Human Target and Christopher Chance to return in Tom King’s ‘Black Label’

DC Comics’ Human Target is returning for a new Black Label title from writer Tom King and artist Greg Smallwood.

King announced on Twitter that he had partnered with Smallwood for The Human Target, a new title set to be published under DC’s Black Label. He wrote: “This Fall, Christopher Chance, The Human Target, wants to make something of it.”

The cover artwork features Chance adjusting his suit as numerous members of the Justice League including Batman and Green Lantern — take aim.

Human Target is the name of two fictional characters who appeared in detective and action comic books published by DC Comics. The first version is Fred Venable while the second version is private investigator and bodyguard Christopher Chance who assumes the identities of clients targeted by assassins and other dangerous criminals.

Christopher Chance first appeared in Action Comics #419 in December 1972 and was created by Len Wein and Carmine Infantino. His early appearances came in back-up stories in Action Comics, a title better known for featuring Superman tales published by DC Comics. Later, the feature appeared in Batman titles such as The Brave and the Bold and Detective Comics.

He also starred in a limited series, a one-shot, and then an ongoing Human Target series written by Peter Milligan and published under DC’s Vertigo imprint. The Human Target has been adapted in two television series: once briefly on ABC in 1992 starring Rick Springfield and again on Fox starring Mark Valley for two seasons in 2010–2011. Another version of Christopher Chance appears in the fifth and sixth seasons of the Arrowverse series and was played by Wil Traval. However, DC hasn’t revealed an official release date, but according to the announcement, it will release in this Fall.