WorkDeer, unique freelance platform for CG studios and gaming, animation, and VFX artists to launch worldwide

WorkDeer is a powerful and productive resource for the film and media-entertainment industry. Launching worldwide on 5 September 2020, the platform is now inviting registrations from producers and CG artists.

The global Gaming-Animation-VFX industry was valued at US$ 264 billion in 2019 and is expected to touch US$ 270 billion by 2020. These numbers bode well for the industry as they translate into more projects for CG Studios and more work for freelancers.

With advancements in technology and the growing popularity of remote work, CG studios are realising the many advantages of outsourcing work to freelancers: reduced manpower costs, greater flexibility and speed in project execution, revenue augmentation by leveraging on-demand specialists to target projects outside core expertise, and more.

Even as the overall freelance market rides the growth wave, (USA grew 78 per cent in 2019, UK- 59 per cent, and India – 29 per cent), the COVID-19 pandemic has added a booster shot with more and more companies/workers playing it safe and embracing the ‘Work From Home’ format – the new normal.

The situation is ripe for a freelance explosion as the already growing army of online CG freelancers is being complimented by a large number of hitherto office-going artists who are now working from home. This is in addition to many other Gaming, Animation, and VFX artists who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic-triggered economic downturn and are looking for work.

Just in time comes WorkDeer, a one-of-its-kind, 24/7 online freelance marketplace dedicated to Gaming, Animation, and VFX. 

WorkDeer unites CG studios/producers and artists, allowing them to strike up associations and collaborate on projects. While studios gain access to a large base of freelance artists registered with WorkDeer, the freelancers (Gaming, Animation, VFX, Graphic, and other CG artists) get the opportunity to bid for projects posted by studios on the platform.

While there are similar platforms across the globe, there is no online resource that is as user-friendly, effective, and advantageous as WorkDeer. From technology to features and value additions, WorkDeer is worlds apart from the competition and offers multiple benefits for both the CG studios as well as freelance artists.

WorkDeer through its online platform helps studios and freelancers collaborate on creative CG projects in a mutually gainful manner. Through an easy and quick online registration process with WorkDeer, both producers and artists can register, connect, and collaborate instantly.

Once registered, producers can sign in, browse and hire from a vast pool of freelance artists across Gaming, Animation and VFX. Producers can filter profiles and hire artists based on key parameters such as creativity, experience, skill, and fee. This helps producers build a freelance team for their upcoming projects with easy, instant, and cost-effective hires.

Scores of national and international artists from diverse domains and with varied specializations, skill sets, and experience levels have already registered on the WorkDeer platform, giving CG studios an opportunity to tap into a rich pool of creative talent. The artists that WorkDeer attracted to its platform include Game designers, Game developers, Game audio/sound designers, Game testers, Writers, Music composers, Concept artists, visualisation artists, Roto artists, Compositors, Matte painters, Effects (FX) artists, FX animators, VFX artists, VFX supervisors, Matchmovers, TDs – Layout, Rigging, FX, Lighting, Rendering, & Pipeline, Illustrators, Motion graphic designers, 3D Animators, 3D Character designers, 3D modelers, Riggers, Animators, Texture artists, Digital painters, Inbetweeners, UX designers, UI designers, Web designers, Web developers, Graphic designers, Multimedia designers, and others.

The registration process for freelance artists is equally hassle-free. Once registered, artists can sign-in and access different projects listed on the slate. They can bid for projects based on parameters such as timeline, work complexity, payment terms, and more. What makes it even more productive for artists is the fact that projects are frequently updated, ensuring a prolific source of work and income.

Typically, projects posted on the WorkDeer platform by CG studios and producers include work on feature films, short films, 2D and 3D animation films, character design, gaming videos, television commercials, infomercials, explainer/demo videos, corporate videos, training videos, corporate presentations, multimedia advertisement campaigns (Print, Outdoor, Broadcast, Online, and New Media), advertorials, and branding (identity, packaging, environmental graphics, and more).

Technology to deliver enhanced value

WorkDeer’s virtual studio with cloud-based infrastructure featuring full-spectrum production capabilities is available on an affordable pay-per-use model, so one need not invest in infrastructure – no software, no pipeline tools, no storage, and no rendering machines required. All that one needs is a computer and internet connectivity. Both producers and freelancers can collaborate from anywhere in the world using the integrated, online communication tools to review projects.

Given the value of the intellectual property in Gaming, Animation, and VFX, WorkDeer ensures enhanced safety. All files can be saved at one location (cloud) for easy access from anywhere in the world and piracy can be controlled with remote access, allowing uploading of work from WorkDeer platform and sharply cutting the risk of digital pilferage or unauthorised downloads.

Hassle-free, safe payments 

As payments are a matter of concern for producers and artists, WorkDeer has put in place an evolving payment mechanism that is fair, convenient, and reliable for both parties. While producers pay only for satisfactory work, freelance artists are assured of their fee as per the pre-agreed terms. All payments are facilitated through a secure and trusted payment gateway on the WorkDeer platform.

WorkDeer is running an awareness campaign and inviting CG studios and Gaming, Animation, and VFX artists to register on the platform (currently in beta stage, but accepting registrations already). 

With the global launch of WorkDeer slated for 5 September, producers would do well to be prepared with their hiring requirements (job profiles) if any, so they can be posted on the launch day to attract the best national and international talent for their ongoing/upcoming projects. And artists can register as well, complete the Profile Form online and stay ready with their portfolio/showreel to bid for projects posted by studios on the launch day.

Aiming to be the preferred online freelance marketplace for CG studios and artists worldwide, WorkDeer with its advanced technology platform and innovative collaboration model is well on its way to achieving its mission.