Cosmos-Maya to launch new show ‘Captain Bharat’ on the occasion of 74th Independence Day

Celebrating the 73rd Independence Day, Cosmos-Maya, the animation studio behind popular shows like Motu Patlu, Selfie with Bajrangi and Bapu are entering a new adventurous space as they announce their latest IP, Captain Bharat.

Keeping up with its past record of providing content offerings that initiate meaningful thought processes among young audiences, Cosmos-Maya’s Captain Bharat is a reflection and characterisation of the collective Indian youth’s patriotic voice, professing and spreading the love for India to the younger school-going generations in a fun colorful and action-packed avatar. It is a story about an Indian soldier who is named after the country he loves and uses various gadgets, weapons and tools at his disposal to counter any threats to the country and save the day for people in need.

Commenting on the launch of the new animated IP, Cosmos-Maya CEO Anish Mehta said, “As content producers, we must always find gaps in what our audience is viewing and what is going on in the world around them, and accordingly we strive to provide cartoons and content that is loved by kids and families alike with messaging they’ll find relevant, approve of and appreciate. Captain Bharat is a celebration of our country’s democracy and unity in diversity. We want the character to be an aspirational role model for kids to become proud, responsible citizens of the future. Keeping with the nationalistic spirit of this special day, it is our absolute pleasure to unveil this newest offering that we are confident will build an immediate and strong rapport with young children and their families across the territory of India. Captain Bharat is our studio coming together to say proudly, Jai Hind!”

Anish Mehta

Captain Bharat will be a first-of-its-kind animated programme, as no other animated show in India looks into national pride and patriotic heroism at its core. 

There has always been a method to how the animation studio makes decisions regarding the subjects of their content offerings and the kind of socially relevant conversations their characters have represented. Nationalism and patriotic values have been a necessary conversation, especially these past few years, and Captain Bharat will communicate the same in a jovial energetic manner to half a billion kids across the Indian subcontinent. This is captured aptly in the show’s motto:

Meri aan tirangaa hai,

Meri shaan tirangaa hai

Bharat ke bachche bachche ki

Jaan tirangaa hai

Suhas Kadav

Cosmos-Maya chief creative officer Suhas Kadav added, “Captain Bharat is our action-filled ode to India’s finest, the armed forces and the security personnel that protect our country from external and internal threats. Through the animated IP, we seek to imbibe the values of patriotism and love for the country, the flag and respect for the military uniform early on in the minds of our young generation. Kids are an impressionable lot, and we always strive to provide them meaningful and relevant messaging through entertaining content that keeps them hooked and fosters socially responsible values at the same time.”