Winsing Animation to participate in MIP Cancun Online+ and ACE Fair with new IP

Winsing Animation has announced to be promoting its hit shows and new properties at MIP Cancun Online+ from 17 to 20 November and ACE Fair from 4 to 20 November this year. 

Out of a varied and exciting animated properties, Winsing will be highlighting its established series GG Bond and GOGOBUS, along with new title Team S.T.E.A.M.!.

Team S.T.E.A.M.! is an upbeat series filled with high adventure, humour, and heart, which is made up of six amazing kids who overcome problems using STEAM curriculum such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, with Athletics and the Arts thrown in for good measure. 



The young audiences and their families across the globe will surely enjoy this series that reflects the diverse group of characters, who come from countries such as China, Ireland, Columbia, Jamaica, Korea, and India.

Team S.T.E.A.M.! was pitched by France MIPJunior 2019, as one of the five pitched animation projects and the only one amid China projects. The first season premiered in China on 26 October and the makers are now looking for international distributors worldwide.

Targeted to two to five year olds, GOGOBUS is based on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), and has arrived in most of the Asian territories, including South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Taiwan China, and more. Particularly, its performance in South Korea and Indonesia has been overwhelming. Moreover, it has also landed on North America and SAARC and is going to meet the audiences in Russia CIS, Ukraine and Baltic.  


GG Bond, on the other hand, will start a new series named Undersea Wonders. It is the first time GG Bond leads his team members to explore the world underwater. Another new spin-off, GG Bond: Dino Diary, is mainly about the adventure of GG Bond and his fellows travelling back to ancient times to save the dinosaurs injured or in danger.

Winsing Animation VP Echo Gu commented, “We are so delighted to attend the MIP online fairs, and now MIP Cancun during this hard year. Thus, we have the chance to present our contents to more buyers around the world. We are thrilled to bring our Chinese animated series to children around the world, which gives us more impetus to develop more creative contents.”