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What skills are required to become a successful animator?

As an animator, you will have to work creatively to produce original content that should be attractive and aesthetically pleasing. If you want to become a computer animation then know that it is a challenging and rewarding job where you will get to learn something new every day. As an animator, there are a few skills that you be needing such as creativity, storytelling ability, artistic talent, and some others that we have discussed below:

Attention To Detail

We are seeing different movies and games being developed and rendered in high resolution such as 4K or 8K. Being an animator, it is your job to give attention to detail. An animator must have the skills to make every little inch and every detail as perfect as possible.

Thanks to the technology and tools that we have available, it is possible to animate things like individual strands of hair in a fine manner to make them look as perfect as possible. The competition has gotten so fierce and animation has become so much better that even the audience is now accustomed to looking at the details. Any irregularity and the audience is going to start its criticism.


Computer Animation is related to arts and imagination. It is a must for all the animators out there to be very thoughtful and creative. Animators are basically artists who take ideas from the real world and turn them into a reality in a world of fantasy. Animators have to be highly creative so that they can come up with new, creative ideas on a daily basis.

For most people, learning the art of animation isn’t difficult but being creative is. Most of the time when animators are hired then they are expected to come up with unique and creative ideas that will impress the audience. Remember that art is all about creativity and as an animator, you are a computer artist who works with computer graphics.

The Ability To Work Under Pressure

As an animator, you will be put under pressure, whether you are self-employed or working for a company. Meeting tight deadlines and working under pressure is a part of the job for many animators out there and animators should be mentally strong enough to withstand the stress & pressure, keep calm, and get the job.

Master Organizer

Animators have to deal with a lot of images, graphics, files, and folders. A good animator should be able to organize all of these things so that he will be able to work smoothly without stressing out. 

Many people overlook the importance of being a master organizer as an animator but it makes everything so much simpler and easier. By keeping everything organized into specific folders, it would be so much easier to find the relevant files and images instead of wasting time looking for individual files.

Familiar With Animation Tools

It is expected from all the animators out there that they should be familiar with the animation tools that are being used in the animation industry. Just like it is essential for a clerk to be familiar with digital documents and digital tools that are used to handle documents such as PDF to Word Converter, it is also essential for animators to be familiar with animation tools.

There are several animation tools available out there including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate, 3DS Max, Blender, etc. An animator should be familiar with these tools and have a tight grasp over them just as a person dealing with documents has a tight grasp over tools such as Word to PDF Editor.

Quick Learner

Since there are different software and tools used in the animation industry, as an animator you will be required to learn new programs over time. When you will be switching between projects or switching studios then you will be required to use different software for a different project.

Quick learning skills are essential for an animator. If an animator is a quick learner and is able to master a new software in a couple of days then he will be able to land a whole lot of projects for himself.

A Good Team Member

Last but not least, an animator should also be a good team member. Most animation studios and companies have a large number of people working on a single project because it requires a lot of people just to complete a single project. A crucial skill that is required for an animator apart from other skills is that he should have the ability to work as a good team member. 

Disagreements and differences of opinion can occur everywhere but staying calm and compromising with other team members is important for success. A good animator should be a good team member along with having other skills.