VFX Two part film ‘Sailor Moon Cosmos: The Movie’ gets release date -

Two part film ‘Sailor Moon Cosmos: The Movie’ gets release date

The upcoming instalment of Sailor Moon is almost here! With the release of Sailor Moon Cosmos: The Movie later this year, Usagi and her friends will be back on the big screen. The two-part film has now released a special teaser featuring the Sailor Starlights trio.

The three Sailor Starlights are promptly introduced to viewers in the teaser. Usagi joins the group at school, and it is clear why the gang is taken aback by her. To put it mildly, Taiki Ko, Seiya Ko, and Yaten Ko are furious. 

Of course, Sailor Moon’s return to cinemas won’t be too long from now. The first part of the two-part anime movie will air in Japan on 9 June followed by part two on 30 June. The movie’s international release has not yet been made public. Netflix, however, has tracked the Sailor Moon revival ever since it debuted. In reality, Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie, a two-part movie that served as the fourth season of Sailor Moon Crystal, was made available via the platform last summer.

Sailor Moon is now getting ready for its next big moment, and this summer, fans will be able to follow along. Toei Animation and Studio Deen are in charge of the anime’s return. Expectations are high for the big release of Sailor Moon Cosmos as the Sailor Starlights are looking just equally fine.