VFX ‘The Fixies’ regale visitors as mascots at Dubai's Expo-2020 Russian Pavilion -

‘The Fixies’ regale visitors as mascots at Dubai’s Expo-2020 Russian Pavilion

Riki Group’s one of the most popular creations The Fixies welcomed visitors as mascots at the Russian Pavilion at the World Exhibition “Expo-2020” being held in Dubai (UAE) from 1 October, 2021 to 31 March 2022. The theme of the exhibition is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.  

Fixies harmoniously fit into the theme of the pavilion as guides in different fields of science. Our animation project has already become genuinely international, and its subjects, which are technology, science, and the structure of the environment, are close and understandable to audiences around the world. The Fixies has already gained popularity in Asia, and with the help of the exhibition we expect to repeat the success in the Middle East,” said Riki Group CEO Mark Zavadsky.

“The year 2021 kicks off for the project with a highly anticipated theatrical release in the territory,  in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The first and second seasons of the series were launched on the Bostan app, operated by Mina Mobile and became available to the Arabic-speaking audience. The total number of views of the series on YouTube and VOD services worldwide has reached 25 billion. Visitors to the exhibition, who have come from different parts of the world, are already familiar with these mascots and, we believe, will be glad to meet them,” Zavadsky added. 

The colourful mascots, The Fixies are already people’s favourite as animated characters from a popular Russian educational series created in the edutainment genre. Their main purpose at the event is to greet guests and acquaint them with the exposition on digital surfaces as screen assistants. 

Visitors will be able to take an AR photo or make a short video with the characters of the popular animated series in the official mobile application of the Russian Pavilion UExpo 2020 Russia. There is a cafe for children at the pavilion, created based on the series The Fixies, designed specifically for the world exhibition.

The interior of ‘Fixie Cafe’ corresponds to the style of the project and is decorated with neon signs with the characters. The menu of the cafe is also stylized as an animated series. Visitors to the pavilion will be able to take pictures with the characters and purchase merchandise throughout the exhibition.

Since 2020, The Fixies belong to the Riki group of companies and is produced by the Aeroplane animation studio. Their selection as a mascot in Expo 2020, happened for the first time to the characters of the already existing animation brand.

This will be the first Expo in the Middle East and Africa (MENA) region. It is planned that Expo-2020 will be visited by 25 million people within six months. It will be the largest World Expo in history with 192 countries participants.