VFX ‘The Dragon Prince’ season five to release this summer

‘The Dragon Prince’ season five to release this summer

The fifth season of The Dragon Prince now has a release window. The creators have revealed a teaser image for The Dragon Prince season five which gives a glimpse of the release window. In the image, the Skwing elf Nyx stands by Callum, Ezran, Soren, and Rayla as they watch an approaching ship in open water. 

The famous Netflix animated fantasy show revolves on tensions between the enchanted world of Xadia and the kingdoms of the human world following the assassination of the Dragon King and the destruction of the Dragon Prince egg. In order to prevent a war, Prince Callum teams up with his stepbrother Ezran and the Moonshadow Elf Rayla to return the Dragon Prince to Xadia after learning that the egg was actually stolen by High Mage Viren rather than destroyed.

The Dragon Prince season five will start where season four left off with Ezran, Callum, Soren and Rayla chasing Claudia and Viren in an effort to prevent them from releasing Aaravos from his captivity. The group will enlist the assistance of Nyx, a dishonest elf who was last spotted in season three, as seen in the new image. The party will probably spend a significant chunk of their adventure exploring the seas and the wonders they hold, considering the upcoming season is titled Ocean.

In the coming months, viewers can anticipate trailers and new plot details for season five, which is scheduled to premiere on Netflix this summer.