Tatvah hits the ground running

Four 3D animated TVCs, One CG film and a couple of IMAX resolution CG scenes, all this in only three months time of starting up. The folks at Tatvah it seems follow the ‘hit the ground running’ strategy.

Promoted by Amit Gupta (former Business head of Pixion), Mumbai based Tatvah Animation Studios which currently boasts of a 21 artist strong team is in the words of the promoter,”focused on gaining knowledge and improving processes’

Tatvah Business Head Amit Gupta shared the newly founded studio’s strategy with Animation ‘xpress,”I have been in this space for a long while now and realise that some of the most valuable things in this field are Expertise and the right Processes. Though we have plans to scale up, we are going to go about it in a phased manner”

“Currently we are a 21 member team and will stay in that range for at least another year. The business model shall involve TVCs, and other hi end, short duration work. We are not going to venture into the high quantity, low end part segment” he added.

“We are in the midst of hiring two international experts for process analysis and are working at developing a non linear production pipeline where any modifications in the assets and production should not mean days of rework” he further added.

Currently the studio is involved in the creation of a couple of TVCs one of which shall feature digital doubles and plenty of particle effects, while the other features a lot of character animation, fluid and dynamics.


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