Sound Entertainment releases O God Ganesha Part 2

After the success of Ganesha 1, Mumbai based Home Video publisher, Sound Entertainment is back with the second part, O God Ganesha Dwitiya which it recently released in India and abroad.

Produced by Sound Entertainment, O God Ganesha Dwitiya is a collection of interesting, informative and fun stories of Lord Ganesha. The 65 minute long 2D film was made by a strong creative team of 20 artists in a year. The VCDs and DVDs of the same are available at Rs.149 and Rs.399 respectively.

Adding to the excitement of entertainment is a couple of songs apt to the situations in the movie. O God Ganesha -2 is about mystery, rituals and myths surrounding Ganesha such as Analsura which explains why devotees offer 21 blades of grass called durva to Ganesha and the story Kubera which explains why Ganesha is called Lambodar among others.

Speaking to Animation, Amit Jhaveri, Director, Sound Entertainment shared, “The research for the stories started right from the time volume 1 was launched. Adding a powerful punch to the entire offering are the catchy and melodious songs which make for excellent viewing. These stories spell absolute entertainment and sweep the viewer effortlessly into the colourful and magical world of Ganesha.”

Sound Entertainment is also releasing Green Gold’s ‘Krishna the Birth’ which is in Hindi worldwide on 25th September 06 on Home Video.

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