VFX One Animation announces 'Oddbods' Hesburger meal promotions in Europe -

One Animation announces ‘Oddbods’ Hesburger meal promotions in Europe

Adding extra zing to mouth watering delicacies, One Animation is bringing their hit CG-animated property Oddbods to fans by securing a new promotional partnership with European fast-food chain Hesburger. Hesburger is on board for an Oddbods children’s meal promotion across its 464 restaurants in Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Bulgaria. The campaign will run until the end of December.

As a part of the promotion, each children’s meal will include an Oddbods-themed tube scarf with reflector stripe, soft reflector (with two different character options available), dice game, card game, stationery set or mini board game. The product selection aligns with Hesburger’s commitment to offer educational and practical children’s meal premiums without surplus plastic packaging, supporting the chain’s sustainable approach across all levels of its business.

“Hesburger is a household name across each of its markets and has seen significant growth over recent years, thanks to its commercially savvy and nimble approach. As such, we know their vast chain of restaurants makes the ideal home for our next Oddbods restaurant partnership and will provide another fun and environmentally conscious way for fans to experience the brand,” said One Animation CEO Sashim Parmanand.

Oddbods is a globally loved, three-time Emmy Award-nominated, non-dialogue comedy featuring seven adorable, highly unique pals. Together, despite their differences, they survive the perils of everyday life, unintentionally turning ordinary situations into unexpected, extraordinary, and always humorous events. The quirky, but totally charming, Oddbods celebrate individuality in a funny, warm and unexpected way. After all, there’s a little odd in everyone!

Recently, One Animation secured a new deal with the UK retailer Argos for Oddbods. An exclusive range of Oddbods merchandise spanning plush, apparel and dress-up has been launched at Argos and Sainsbury’s stores and online.